CCI Broker (Puesto de Bolsa) now trusts in Viafirma solutions

CCI Broker (Puesto de Bolsa) its a financial intermediary operating on the Dominican stock market, authorized since 2011 by the Superintendency of Securities in the Dominican Republic. With their services they offer to their clients a wide range of alternatives to maximize the return on their investments. In addition, they offer financing solutions such as bond issuance, commercial papers, securitizations, etc.

The Dominican market continues to rely on our solutions. Specifically, CCI broker (Puesto de Bolsa CCI) has been using Viafirma Inbox since the beginning of the year for the digitization and improvement of its business processes. The Superintendency of Securities of the Dominican Republic is also a customer of Viafirma solutions, both through our subsidiary Avansi based in Santo Domingo.

This solution provides them with the most powerful, complete and adaptable electronic signature inbox on the market, saving time, costs and reducing paper usage. With Inbox they will increase security in documentation management and will gain control when performing complex signature flows.