How to close more commercial agreements at fairs and markets

Attendance at fairs or markets is usually a very productive way to reach new agreements for expanding the company. However, good planning is necessary to make the most out of these events, as well as a good use of innovative tools like digital signatures. In this way, it is much easier and quicker to close commercial agreement heres , in addition to other benefits that we detail in this article.

Specialized fairs are usually a perfect place to enlarge our client agenda and meet new companies that can add value to the activity of the company. In addition, when dealing with places with a common theme, it is much easier to make synergies and find ways to improve our product or service.

In addition to being perfect spaces to continue developing and expanding our activity, it is essential to attend these events with a well-formed idea and strategy, not get carried away by what we can find.

Define a strategy

Therefore, it is important to know who are the companies that will attend this event, knowing exactly what they do and find out how you can help improve our company.

We also have to define our own goals: what do we seek to achieve by attending this event, in what areas we need to improve, what product or service we need to focus our activity, etc. With a defined roadmap and these questions answered, when going to particular fairs or markets, our presence will be much more productive and beneficial for the company.

Once a good strategy has been defined on the way in which to approach the event, the on-site work begins when understanding the offers, negotiating the terms of the agreement and finally closing it with a signature. To carry out this process in a much more fluid and efficient way, it is advisable to use digital signatures.

Sign anytime and anywhere

First of all, solutions like Viafirma Documents provide an essential element in this type of event: mobility. By not meeting in a fixed place like the office, it is necessary to have a series of tools that allow working from anywhere. In this way, any agreement reached between both parties can be terminated at the same time and place thanks to the digital signature.

This, in addition, makes trips to these events much more comfortable, without the need to carry multiple folders or print dozens of papers that may not even be used.

Cost savings and greater security

Therefore, the use of the digital signature represents a significant cost saving for the company, as well as a more efficient organization and a stronger security. The folios are easy to get lost.

All the agreements signed with the digital signature are uploaded in the cloud, so it is impossible for them to be lost or eliminated due to an accident. Besides that access it is much easier and can be done from anywhere, in case you need to remember some detail or review any documents.

When closing these agreements, it is normal to have a predefined template with a series of terms that, at the time of negotiation, can be modified to adapt to the needs of the moment.

This problem can be easily solved through this type of digital signature solutions. While in the traditional way it would be a more difficult process that would slow down the final signature unnecessarily.

The use of digital signature solutions not only brings all these benefits that we have already mentioned, but also offers a modern and up-to-date image of the company. These kinds of details are important because they help the way others see and perceive us and the values ​​they associate.

It is essential, especially for those companies that are engaged in activities related to innovation and technology, to have an appropriate image for that sector. Just as the chosen clothing must be appropriate for the event, the tools used must also give the desired feeling.

commercial agreements

Full legal validity

It should be noted that the digital signature has full legal backing and is as valid as the handwritten one, as long as it complies with a series of requirements set out in EU 910/2014.

According to this regulation, in order to have a legal value, the advanced electronic signature must have been created by means that the signer possesses exclusively, be able to identify it and detect subsequent changes made in the signature and be linked to the person signing the contract in an exclusive way

Viafirma’s solutions meet all the legal requirements necessary to legally secure any signing process, be it an electronic signature with a certificate or digital signature, which is usually the most practical for an uncontrolled environment such as fairs and markets. In the case of the digitized signature, the solution collects a set of biometric data, such as stroke speed or pressure points, which together with others such as the location are encrypted and linked in a unique way to identify the signer.

And not only biometric evidence is collected. The time stamp allows knowing if the signature has been modified, since all the changes are registered and you can know if there have been any changes after the time in which the original signature was made. And even the exact geolocation of the signature. These and other available evidence (SMS token, OTP token, email code, etc.), ensure the levels of authenticity required by European regulations, the most demanding in the world today.

In short, attending fairs and markets is very beneficial for any company to reach new agreements and expand and improve their activity. To make this process faster and more satisfactory for both parties, it is important to use technologies such as the digital signature that helps to simplify the signing process once a compromise has been reached.