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Software Developments are customised information systems, vertical solutions adapted to specific sectors, developments in mobility environments (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, smartglassses …). Product development. Development management systems. Analysis, tips, comparatives.

The most popular “Micro” Java Frameworks

With the rise of microservices and the billing model of cloud services, we are in need of analyzing the environments in which our applications run. We will analyze the most popular “Micro” Frameworks Java for the development of service layers. Traditionally Java web applications have been deployed with their corresponding application server, sometimes a Tomcat, …

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Photoshop is the worst design tool for APPs (we explain why)

Photoshop is the worst design tool for APPs, and we are going to explain why.

JAVA 8 – Features

Today I bring you to this blog an entry about the improvements of Java 8. I have to confess, that although at first it seemed a real disorder, with the course of the hours and above all, with the practice of new structures, I have been convincing that the code is really much more readable, …

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Vaadin 8, the new version of the Java framework for web applications and its features

Since a few weeks ago we have available a new version of Vaadin, the Java framework for web application development. In today’s post we have decided to make a list of the main changes that Vaadin 8 presents with respect to the previous version. We’ll tell you.

Ubuntu: Docker does not work (Error response from daemon: rpc error: code = 2 desc = “oci runtime error: exit status 1”)

Today Viafirma will use this post to discuss about Docker, an very interesting alternative to the virtualization of Operative Systems, In addition, we will explain you how to resolve the following error: response from daemon- rpc error- code = 2 desc = -oci runtime error- exit status 1-. Are you ready? We started.