What is a digital signature folder (portafirmas) and how it helps to upgrade digital processes

All companies, whether large or small, require more or less complex document signing processes, as well as defining signature flows. To simplify this way of facing tasks on authentication as well as to be more efficient, we can use a digital signature folder. How do they work and when should it be used? 

Signing tools play a key role when companies are going digital. Within these tools we have the digital signature folder, which simplifies the handling of many types of documents.

In this article we clarify what digital signature folder is, use case scenarios and most importantly what Viafirma can offer in this regard.

What is a digital signature folder (portafirmas)?

Portafirmas were traditionally folders to keep documents so a person can sign them later. By extrapolating this definition to the digital world, we can see that a portafirmas is a software solution based on a cloud platform, or a centralized platform, where the user can access all documents to sign them electronically.

Digital signature folders will bring together in one place all signature requests, so that the person in charge of signing does not have to access each specific digital signature service

Use case scenarios of a digital signature folder (portafirmas)

A digital signature folder has many uses. As it is impossible to cover all, we will be mentioning and presenting some of the most common use case scenarios, as this solution allows to carry out digitally and remotely both signing and business processes, which required to attend personally.

  • Signing meeting minutes
  • Signing temporary layoffs
  • Signing contracts
  • HR
  • Funding
  • Prevention of occupational risks

Signing meeting minutes

The minutes of the meetings of corporations must include all the agreements reached during the meeting, as well as the most relevant resolutions during the meeting. 

These must include:

  • Date and place
  • Date and type of call
  • Items on the agenda
  • Information on participants
  • Summary of interventions
  • Decisions made
  • Voting results
  • Approval of minutes

These minutes and votes must be duly signed in order to comply with the legal requirements. 

The declaration of the state of alarm in Spain directly affects the holding and call of general meetings. The publication and entry into force of Real Decreto-Ley 8/2020,de 17 de marzo

includes new features such as the possibility of online meetings and written votes on the items to address on the agenda, a vote that can be endorsed using the electronic signature.

In the market of e-business solutions there are reliable and comprehensive solutions to digitally celebrate these types of meetings that, using Viafirma solutions for both signing minutes and voting, become a key element in situations when to attend personally is impossible.

Qué es un portafirmas

Signing temporary layoffs (ERTEs)

Temporary layoffs (ERTE in Spanish) is a regulation that effectively suspends the contract of a worker with the employer. The workers statute expresses that ERTEs can be applied for the following reasons:

  • Economic issues
  • Technical issues
  • Organizational issues
  • Production issues

However, the aforementioned Royal Decree-Law 8/2020 covers the possibility of requesting an ERTE as a result of a superior force, due to the consequences of the current state of alarm.

For these cases, employees must sign the ERTEs, offering the possibility of signing electronically.

Signing contracts

Signing contracts digitally is indeed necessary in cases where companies involved do not have offices in the same location. However, the adoption of the digital signature is advantageous in any circumstance, as it allows you to sign wherever, whenever you want. 

Collaboration contracts also deserve special mention. Companies are obviously not 100% self-sufficient, and need collaboration and partnering agreements in order to be fully functional in their day-to-day business. Thanks to partnership agreements, the companies obtain benefits such as:

  • Eliminating costs associated with the initial investment of a process
  • Offering a greater number of services 
  • Increasing work capacity
  • They provide professional experience in areas that are not part of the company’s core business.


HR departments are increasingly using technological services that allow to speed up their operations via online. According to the 5th study on Transformación Digital en Recursos Humanos en España published by Incipy last February, states that 80% of the companies are already going digital, but only 30% have a clear roadmap for digital transformation.

The digital signature can be very useful in the following cases: 

  • Contracts: new ones, terminations, renewals, modifications
  • For requesting holiday entitlement
  • New hires and employee terminations
  • Work permits


Companies must constantly turn to banks to carry out operations such as credit applications, monthly payrolls, etc.

As far as SMEs are concerned, the VIII report on La financiación de la pyme en España carried out by SGR-Cesgar, Sociedades de Garantía Recíproca, in collaboration with Abay Analistas Económicos states that 33.5% of Spanish SMEs asked for funding throughout 2018. Furthermore, 84.6% received such funding. 

How can Viafirma help you

Viafirma offers you our digital signature folder (portafirmas) solution, where you will find features that foster the business agility and mobility. we highlight the following features:

  • It allows all kinds of e-signatures
  • Simplifies the sending of documentation to be signed to several people in one go
  • Allows you to set signature flows, no matter the complexity
  • The solution can be integrated with other document management systems
  • Combinable with other Viafirma solutions, for example with our cloud certificate manager 
  • Interface fully adaptable to the customer’s corporate identity
  • Collects metadata related to the signing process
  • Allows timestamping, displaying at what time the document was signed.
  • 100% legally binding.

In short, a digital signature folder accelerates companies business process by adding a technological and paperless layer.

Digital signatures are suitable for every type of company and business process. The state of alarm in Spain has triggered the demand for digital and remote solutions for an infinite number of business processes. Perhaps these are extraordinary measures for an exceptional situation, but there is no doubt that this “forced” digital transformation is here to stay and many organizations will consider adopting these new remote processes forever. 

In this article we have mentioned a few examples, but we are sure that you will identify with some of them and maybe more examples have come to your mind. No matter what the scope is, we can offer you a solution that will certainly suit your needs.