Digital transformation strategy

Are you wondering how to conduct a digital transformation strategy? Businesses are restructuring their organization in the digital age as most admit it gives them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Over time, technology will invade and transform most of the products we know. This article explains what is digital transformation for companies and how Viafirma can help you throughout this process.

What is a digital transformation strategy for companies?

A digital transformation strategy begins when a company incorporates digital technologies to streamline processes, increase productivity, offer better employee and customer experience, manage business risk and control costs.

It involves all departments of an organization; using technology to improve operations. It may imply changes in infrastructure, processes and business culture to adapt the company a new digital economy and customer needs.

Elements to achieve a successful digital transformation strategy

3 keys for adopting a digital transformation strategy in your company

Wondering why you should implement a digital transformation strategy? Here’s why:

  • 🤔 Better decisions: Placing data and analytics at the heart of a digital transformation strategy will enable companies to take advantage of big data. Today, businesses have access to large volumes of information, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). With the right analytics tools, this data can be turned into valuable business insights to make better decisions.
  • 🌐 Online visibility: These days it is very difficult to generate visibility and build trust if your business is not online as most users use the Internet to find information on a business before contacting them. If there is no website, potential customers will probably choose the competition.
  • 🔒 Security: As we move from pandemic-forced remote work to hybrid models, security measures need to be upgraded. Leaders will need to adopt strategies to maintain security on workers’ devices both in the office and when working remotely.

Benefits of digital transformation for companies

  • Competitive advantage: Companies that have a better portfolio of digital services are ahead of those that rely only on traditional channels. Digital transformation allows a company to create new products and services according to customer needs, allowing to diversify services, make better decisions and drive growth.
  • Productivity: The right technology tools to streamline workflow and improve efficiency. Automating manual tasks will allow team members to work more efficiently and focus on more important tasks.
  • Increased agility: The pandemic challenged the business world. Many struggled because they did not have the resources to adapt. For other companies, however, the transition to remote work was relatively easy. They already had solutions to work from anywhere or even tools to develop web applications on the fly.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: With advancements in mobility and technology, we’ ve seen how user preferences have changed. Modern customers are expecting simplicity, prioritizing companies that are able to offer simple, flexible and user-friendly online solutions that can be used anywhere.

Your digitization process starts with Viafirma

As we have already mentioned before, the current health crisis has forced companies to invest in technology if they wish to remain competitive.
Viafirma helps you succeed in the digital transformation process for your organization, converting tedious paper-based processes into efficient digital processes while allowing contract validation from any device and place.

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