Do you know how you used the Electronic Signature in 2017?

2017 has already come to an end and it is time to look back and make a balance. It is always important to pay attention to statistics to know how we have evolved, so today we are going to see how Viafirma Platform users have used this platform for the signature last year, and what has been the change in relation to 2016: what operative systems they have used, what browsers, what types of devices …

The way in which users interact with products helps in several ways. First, to discover what they give more importance and where to focus to give a better service in these aspects, and, secondly, why it serves to discover and deepen the trends that occur in the market.

To start 2018, we leave you this statistics viafirma platform review during 2017.

Electronic Signature in 2017: Operative Systems

Apple users are a majority within viafirma platform, both in its version for mobile devices (iOS) as in desktop computers (Mac), which make a total of 68% of the total. Android is in third position with 17% and just behind is Windows.

When comparing with the 2016 data, it is surprising the fall of the use of Windows, which has been compensated by the rise of iOS (more moderate) and Mac (more pronounced). The number of Android users has remained stable throughout the year.

Electronic Signature in 2017: Browsers

As for the use of browsers, Microsoft Edge, the default browser on all Windows computers, takes exactly half of the cake, and the rest is shared among other more popular programs. Safari, Apple’s browser, takes second place, with 27%, followed by Chrome. Mozilla Firefox remains the last with a low 5% of users.

When comparing with 2016, although Microsoft Edge is in first with difference among users, its use has been the only one that has been reduced in this period of time. Safari has managed to stay the same throughout this year, while Firefox and Chrome have seen their user bases expanded.

Electronic Signature in 2017: Types of Devices

One of the greatest benefits of the electronic signature is its mobility, which allows users to use it anywhere, without having to be in an office with a computer in front of them. As you can see in the statistics for 2017, more than half of the users have opted for viafirma platform in their mobile devices, being in second place the desktop use.

In addition, comparing it with the previous year, it is demonstrated that the users of viafirma platform value the benefits offered by mobility and have opted to use more mobile devices than in 2016. In contrast, the use in desktop computers has decreased to stay in second position.

Electronic Signature in 2017: Signature Formats

The first option that viafirma platform users choose in terms of the format of their signature is PAdES, especially for the security it provides over long periods of time thanks to Long-Term Validation. CAdES is the next format more used, whose extension of data signed with cryptographic message syntax makes it ideal for advanced electronic signature.

With this summary of the statistics, we conclude 2017 and we hope that in 2018 companies and institutions will continue betting on the digitization of their processes. Happy New Year to all!