E-Invoice, taxes and the Tax Office: What is SII?

The new Spanish Electronic Invoicing Law is already two years old. At viafirma we have been telling you all the news that have been emerging regarding the compulsory use. Today we want to talk about a new regulation that has come into force in January 2017 and that will revolutionize technologies and the use of Electronic Signature and Invoice; The SII or the immediate Supply System of Information.

Earlier this 2015 we informed of all developments that brought with it the new Law on Electronic Invoicing. This law mainly affected companies and entrepreneurs who issued invoices to the Public Administration and public universities and social security agencies. 

All electronic invoices with these public entities should be submitted through the platform Face Facturae format. If you still do not know what you ‘re talking about here we leave more information.

If we were to take stock of the benefits in terms of electronic invoicing in this two years , we note that its use is on the rise because it is a safe and effective resource for companies as well as being much cheaper than print, something which also it produces a great impact on the environment.

Moreover, management of electronic invoices has emerged as a control mechanism of tax fraud. But we are aware that the road to the adaptation of new technologies is long and sometimes the user can be tedious to walk.

It is for this reason that Viafirma launched the e-invoice which, besides helping many companies and official bodies to make the management of electronic invoices easier, becomes more important with the entry of a new regulation: SII. We explain a little more.

In January 2017, the Immediate Information Supply System entered into force. This system is somewhat revolutionary as far as VAT management is concerned. And it is that from that moment, the information of the commercial transactions must be realized in real time.

It is for this reason that Viafirma launched the e-invoice which, besides helping many companies and official bodies to make the management of electronic invoices easier, becomes more important with the entry of a new regulation: SII. We explain a little more.

So far, the information relating to commercial transactions, which are kept in the VAT registration books, were presented to the Estate once a month or quarter depending on the type of entity. The SII establishes a new management system for these books VAT registration that is carried out directly through the AEAT, electronic headquarters, thus shortening the time between the transaction itself and its registration in the Treasury.

The objective of the SII is that Treasury has a greater facility to perform real-time checks for all those who are registered to the system. For the time being, and as a pilot, there are only three groups of taxpayers required to avail themselves to the SII:

  1. Companies that invoice more than 6 million euros.
  2. Companies registered in the monthly refund regime.
  3. Companies belonging to VAT groups

Likewise, companies that are not in any of these groups can voluntarily avail themselves to this system. In any case, the SII will be mandatory for all companies from 2018.

SII sets maximum time four days from the time that emit or receive an invoice and this is where the electronic invoice will help meet these times, as the information is available in the systems themselves.

However, during the first half of the entry into force, there will be a period of eight days. Whatever the size of the company, as we mentioned before, having a solution that allows the issuance of the electronic invoice in accordance with current regulations and even as we anticipated in previous articles, is prepared for the standard that will implement the European Union to contribute to the development of the Single Digital Market – Digital Single Market – as it is viafirma e-invoice, facilitates the adaptation to the new VAT registration system (SII).

Under this new regulation, it is advisable that all companies, including SMEs that are not subject to the law, be preparing and including new electronic invoicing systems before the time continues to run. And is that as we said in previous articles, everything points to the process of standardization and digitization of companies in Europe has just begun.

We must be ready for the technological revolution in which we are involved and always rely on strategic allies as Viafirma e-innovice that will guarantee us the adaptation to the new requirements as the SII. We give you this little advice because we are aware that many companies had problems in reforming to avail themselves of the Law of Electronic Invoicing of this 2015.

To adapt to the new rules of SII, Viafirma commitment to advanced electronic signature making procedures will prove simple as it adapts to the specific needs. In addition, our system of electronic signature guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the information meeting recommended by the Ministry of Economic and Treasure.

Viafirma will continue informing you about the new changes that can occur both in the use of electronic invoice, as in the use of electronic signature and of the Public Administrations.

You can ask us any questions. We will be back soon.