FIWARE: We explain you what is it.

In a society where the rise of technological developments is leading us towards what is known as the digital revolution and where collaboration through platform models is what experts predict as a key factor for the future of the Internet, FIWARE is born.

FIWARE is an entirely European project, jointly financed -companies private and public funds have to be framed in the context of the strategies established by the European Union, which aim to improve the competitive position of Europe and specifically has some goals for 2020. It is for this reason that this set of actions is known as Europe 2020.

As you can see, there are two elements to consider in order to understand what the purpose of FIWARE. On the one hand technological development, which is contributing to the creation of a new context where applications through the  cloud and the Internet of  Things (IoT), are able to give real time data.

Companies and organizations need to be updated and adapted to this new rapidly changing environment in order to remain competitive while offering better service to citizens. FIWARE aims to solve this.

Moreover, as it was said earlier, it seems that the future of the Internet will be closely related to data sharing. A collaborative environment where applications are developed by third parties and integrated platforms where everything is focused on establishing a future where companies are more efficient, more competitive and are providing better service to both citizens in general and consumers.

Based on these two factors, FIWARE has been developed, a platform designed to help organisations and companies discussed in transition, to become fully innovative businesses and adapted to the real needs of the new environment in which we live.

Within the context of Open Data, IoT- Internet of things-and cloud computing, FIWARE is a  opensource platform that allows the integration of apps and solutions developed by third parties through a very simple process, completely safe and inexpensive . All this is possible thanks to the development of APIs with opensource technologies.

All the tools FIWARE offers are ready to be used in FIWARE Lab, an experimental space for developers and entrepreneurs in the information technology sector to create and project applications which can be tested with real data.

FIWARE, within the framework of the Europe 2020 guidelines, is marked as preferred sectors Smart Cities, E-Health, E-Learning, Energy and Environment, Transportation, Agriculture, Media and Content and Logistics. As you can see, major sectors are marked as those aimed at improving the competitiveness and quality of life in Europe.

Besides the unique opportunity offered to develop applications and projects, the benefits do not end here because for those start-ups that develop viable applications, founds will be provided. In fact, it has € 100 million to encourage all those apps and projects that can really contribute to improving Europe.

Finally  we have to highlight that FIWARE  is a fully integrable  technology, through what is known as FIWARE Operations, that allows the development of new platforms and datacenters FIWARE, such as  FIWARE Lab– that can be expanded worldwide, contributing to what is expected to be a revolution.
If you are interested and want more information, please visit the FIWARE Academy and its own Wiki. Also in the coming weeks we will be bringing you new entries on FIWARE and impact.

See you next week!