Laws and Regulations

The role of digital signatures in SEPA Direct Debit Mandate

As part of the unification process at all levels resulting from the European project, SEPA has been a major step forward in establishing a borderless economy. Payment order mandates are key for the proper functioning of SEPA. Let us explain to you its main features and how electronic signatures play an important role here.

What does ‘compliance’ mean in the finance sector?

The term compliance is gaining strength in all types of companies, acting as a shield against serious legal problems, especially those that belong to the financial sector, which are more strictly regulated.

KYC: What is it and how does it evade financial frauds

“Know Your Customer” (KYC) is now a required procedure for banks that want to receive a new customer. This helps fight against criminal tax activities. To complete this procedure, electronic identification methods can be of great help, such as digital signatures.

Can digital signatures be forged?

Signature and document fraud is a problem that has now spread to the digital world, where cyber security is increasingly required. As a result, many digital signature users, or those who are considering their use ask themselves how to avoid forgery. Let us clarify these questions in this article.

The benefits that the European digital single market has brought to Spain

The digital economy is gaining more weight in the Gross Domestic Product of a country (in Spain, it is expected to reach 22% in 2020). Therefore, it is not surprising that the European Union has a specific policy to promote the Digital Single Market. Below, we tell you about the benefits of these actions promoted […]

Data protection in Europe 2020: the ePrivacy Regulation and further changes to the GDPR

What is the current status of data protection in the EU? What are the legal aspects in force and which are currently being developed? These are some of the questions we will address on a matter of growing interest to the public Data protection is a hot topic. If you look at the media, you […]

The eIDAS Regulation in Spain

A few years after its implementation, we begin by reviewing the features of the eIDAS Regulation, it’s current situation, future outlooks and updates from Viafirma concerning this regulation

Are eSignatures legally valid?

In the process of digital transformation, one of the first questions we ask when assessing a change from the traditional system to an electronic system for signing documents and contracts by our customers, suppliers, employees, etc., is the legality of this type of signature.

How to evade legal violations with time stamping

From a legal perspective, time stamps provide great value to a digital signature. How is this stamping done? In what documents can be used? What legal violations can it evade? Lets solve these questions below.

Personal data: what are your rights and obligations?

More than ever we are aware of the value of our personal information, but do we know what obligations and rights protect us about our data? We analyze in this article the main aspects that current legislation includes.

Spain and laws 39 and 40/2015: the digital transformation of administrations

Spanish legislation has just been updated to continue evolving in ternms of e-Administration. Do you want to know how these changes will affect you? In this article we will analyze the keys of these two new laws that will make us take another step in terms of public digitization.

The DSG: a unique digital portal for citizens and businesses of the European Union

It is common for citizens and companies to become entangled in an administrative and document tangle when making a procedure in a country other than their own. The European Union has been aware of this for years, so it has developed a strategy for the implementation of a portal through which these procedures are centralized […]