Viafirma Inbox Case Study: Learn to be more efficient

As Friedman says,  the world is becoming flat, requesting us to be faster in everything we do. It is incredibly incongruent that companies still wasting time on bureaucracy.bureaucracy. Today, we will show you how Viafirma Inbox, our electronic signature folder, can help to improve your efficiency. 

Have you ever feel reflected in the business man of the picture?  Let´s see if this situation seems familiar to you: You went off for holidays for a week and when you are back to work, you have tones of things to supervise, another hundred of emails and documents to sign. Same happens when you have been in a business trip or working outside of the office. No matter what the reason is, the scenario is exactly the same. In addition, the higher is your position, the bigger responsibility and therefore more things to supervise.

As you well know, this means working late journeys that at some point become unproductive and unfortunately, they can even drive to delays in the deliver to clients, loosing money and company resources as well.  We are going to show you why Viafirma Inbox can help to change this.

But, what is Viafirma Inbox? 

Viafirma Inbox is an digital signature folder. In other words it is the same that the traditional folder for documents that were pending of signature or revision but in this case, it is in digital format.

Due to its own nature, it makes easier to manage all the documents that are pending of signature or supervision, allowing you to organise a proper workflow thanks to signature delegation – this is something we will explain a bit later in this post-.

The user interface is very similar to the one of any webmail, very intuitive, simple and fast.

Captura viafirma Inbox

How can it help me to be more efficient?

In order to be able to explain how viafirma inbox can help you to be more efficient, it is required that you understand three concepts first:

1.- How important is to delegate when the level of responsibility grows. Therefore the real success is only possible when you have a full team able to sort out situations by themselves.

2.- Advanced Digital Signature is as valid as handwritten one and even advance digitalised signature has legal validity. 

3.- Signature delegation is absolutely legal even when interacting with the Public Administration. 

The more responsibility, the bigger is the need to learn to delegate, because this is the only way to build up a team that can drive your company to be successful. Through the signature delegation system, Viafirma Inbox allows that different tasks can be allocated to any person in your team.

Delegar una firma electrónica

In addition, it entitles that a person from our team review all the documents and send to our inbox, therefore in only one click we can sign all the documents required. It goes even further, imagine you are going on holidays, you can delegate your signature to someone temporally, and that person could sing in your behalf.

In other words, Viafirma Inbox, allows to introduce delegation tasks from one users to others with 3 different levels according to the grade of delegation:

Review: The  delegated user can see and organise pending tasks.

Approval: It is one step ahead, because the deleaged user can not only see and organise but approve tasks and leave them ready for signature.

Signature: When besides the other two levels, the delegated user can electronically sign any delegated document.

In addition to all the advantages we have been telling you about, it has one extra more, it is  a movility solution.  Your electronic signatures go with you anywhere in your mobile device or tablet, therefore you can log into Viafirma Inbox at any time and for example sign pending documents while commuting between meetings, making you get much more of your time.

Say goodbye to situations as the picture in our heading. Go paperless and start to save time and money.