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It is difficult for any of the articles of Xnoccio not to talk about cybersecurity, development, e-government, mobility, regulations, trusted services, sectoral solutions, digital transformation or resources. But it is possible. Maybe in this box of tailor find some interesting articles about things that goes far beyond…;)


Do you know the purpose of the CAdES format? Today, running a business is not just about going paperless, but also creating a truly integrated and seamless workflow to automate tedious business processes like sending documents for signature. To this end, the CAdES format is one of the best options to automate and streamline signing […]


What exactly is PAdES format? Digital documents are increasingly being signed electronically. Once they are registered they must be stored correctly – sometimes for several years and in other cases permanently.

Digital signature vs. digital certificate

Some people believe digital certificates and digital signatures are the same thing. These two terms are often used as synonyms, but the fact is that they aren’t, even though they are often used in the same field of technology. In this article we will take a closer look at each one and explain their main features.

Viafirma and Venzia sign a partnership agreement by integrating the digital signature in the AQuA Suite

Venzia clients will be able to easily sign their documents in the ECM & BPM AQuA Suite, as a result of the collaboration agreement between Venzia and Viafirma.

Viafirma integrates with Zapier to streamline company workflows

Viafirma’s technology becomes part of the Zapier platform offer, simplifying integration with different software management systems, improving day-to-day activities of the companies. 

Viafirma present in Argontech digital signature webinar

Argontech, Viafirma’s Argentinean partner will be holding a webinar called ” Digital and electronic signatures are here to stay”. An event that will deal with the basics, benefits and uses of digital signatures and that will take place on September 16th. It is clear that electronic signatures have changed the way many companies work. Although […]

Viafirma adds new features to its technology

Since Thursday, July 30th, Viafirma Inbox v3.4.0 is available for all users of the cloud platform.

Viafirma provides L’OCCITANE ESPAÑA SL. with digital signature services

The cosmetics company L’OCCITANE ESPAÑA SL starts in July to use Viafirma solutions for esigning labor contracts with their workers.

Viafirma and Athento sign a collaboration agreement to improve the productivity and efficiency of companies

Viafirma’s clients now have direct access to Athento, one of the most powerful document managers on the market, as a result of a collaboration agreement signed between both entities.

Viafirma is now considered a Qualified Trust Service Provider for the Spanish Government

On Wednesday, April 29th, it became official that Viafirma is a recognised Qualified Trust Service Provider by the Spanish Government, being able to act within the whole European framework as well as becoming the first company in Andalusia to obtain this type of distinction.

Viafirma, validation engine for e-Invoicing in the Dominican Republic

Viafirma will actively contribute to reduce tax evasion in Dominican Republic through the implementation of our solutions in e-invoice verification. Tax evasion is a big problem the Dominican Republic has decided to face by several means. And the truth is their figures show the importance of reducing this kind of fraud. To do this, they […]

In this ORM I killed myself

An ORM can be one of the best tools at the start of a project, and it can become a nightmare by maintaining it. We analyze the main problems that we can find in projects developed with this technology and how to solve them.