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In this ORM I killed myself

An ORM can be one of the best tools at the start of a project, and it can become a nightmare by maintaining it. We analyze the main problems that we can find in projects developed with this technology and how to solve them.

The most popular “Micro” Java Frameworks

With the rise of microservices and the billing model of cloud services, we are in need of analyzing the environments in which our applications run. We will analyze the most popular “Micro” Frameworks Java for the development of service layers. Traditionally Java web applications have been deployed with their corresponding application server, sometimes a Tomcat, […]

How to install and export a digital certificate in Windows

With a digital certificate we will gain time, time that we can use to be more productive in our work, to be with our family, friends or whatever we want. But, once we have downloaded this certificate, do we know how to install it correctly or export it? Let’s see how to do all this […]

YaaS: When the Citizen is the Center

The development of smart cities is already a reality in many parts of the world and, because of this concept, others have also emerged such as smart citizen, or citizen as sensor (YaaS), in which the citizen is placed as a center to enhance innovation and meet their needs, while making management more efficient. We […]

Increasing Sales With Electronic Signatures and Digital Certificates

The digital transformation is a process that is carried out transversally in all the companies and that affects all its departments. Today we are going to focus on how one of the tools of this phenomenon, the electronic signature, is capable of increasing sales thanks to its benefits.

Digital security: two factor authentication

In a time when cyber-attacks continue to increase, passwords are no longer the only security measure to prevent unwanted access. In addition, users are increasingly giving greater amount of sensitive information over the Internet. To achieve this security, two factor authentication is the best option. We explain how it works and what advantages it has […]

This is the new Viafirma

2019 enters welcoming a change that we have been planning for some time. Now Viavansi is Viafirma, by merging both companies. A much stronger international brand, and closer to you.

What is eIDAS and how can it benefit your company?

The digital transformation has brought with it a series of tools and technologies that can bring great benefits to companies. eIDAS is a regulatory framework to make electronic interactions faster, safer and more efficient. We tell you exactly what its functions are and what advantages it can offer to your company.

The European Digital Single Market: achievements and challenges for Europe

A few years ago, the European Union, understood the importance of digitization within the economic structure, that’s why the strategy for the Digital Single Market began. This long-term plan has already had several successes that have had a direct and positive impact on businesses and citizens, although there is still a way to go and challenges […]

What is technological neutrality?

All products and services should be available to most users, regardless of the platform, operating system or mobile device used. We tell you why the principle of technological neutrality in the sector is so important and how it affects users if this principle is not fulfilled.

Unlock DNIe

Most of DNI’s that are in circulation are DNIe, that is, they include a digital certificate that you can use to authenticate and operate with the Public Administrations with the same guarantees that if you were doing it in person. However, one of the difficulties that it has to its use is that the PIN […]

How do the machines learn?

For some time, we have seen how one of the “technologies of the future” has been implanted more and more in our lives. Approaching and getting involved in the applications and systems we use in our day to day, becoming a “technology of the present” with great potential and still a long way to go. […]