Press release

Viafirma adds new features to its technology

Since Thursday, July 30th, Viafirma Inbox v3.4.0 is available for all users of the cloud platform.

Viafirma provides L’OCCITANE ESPAÑA SL. with digital signature services

The cosmetics company L’OCCITANE ESPAÑA SL starts in July to use Viafirma solutions for esigning labor contracts with their workers.

The list of companies in all sectors that rely on Viafirma keeps on growing

During the first half of 2019, many companies have wanted to invest in the digital transformation of their business processes via digital signature and have decided to go hand in hand with Viafirma. Sectors ranging from technology, cybersecurity or consulting to publishing, civil engineering, stock exchange, customs, funeral or agri-food.. This variety shows that regardless…

Viafirma continues its establishment in Latin America

Through Avansi, Viafirma has decided to intensify their strategy to achieve a greater active involvement in digitizing Latin America.

CCI Broker (Puesto de Bolsa) now trusts in Viafirma solutions

CCI Broker (Puesto de Bolsa) its a financial intermediary operating on the Dominican stock market, authorized since 2011 by the Superintendency of Securities in the Dominican Republic. With their services they offer to their clients a wide range of alternatives to maximize the return on their investments. In addition, they offer financing solutions such as…

This is the new Viafirma

2019 enters welcoming a change that we have been planning for some time. Now Viavansi is Viafirma, by merging both companies. A much stronger international brand, and closer to you.

RTVE awards Viafirma the eSignature solution for documents

Last March, the Spanish Radio and TV Corporation (RTVE) awarded the digital signature folder (portafirmas) solution to UTE Viafirma-Viavansi for a total amount of over €560.000. It’s a 3-year project, plus another three-year optional renewal of 3 years. RTVE also ranked the Viafirma-Viavansi offer with best mark: 39’5 points over 40. This project, conceived as…

MAS Supermarkets relies on Viafirma Documents to speed up their recruitment processes

We are pleased to announce that Martín Andaluza de Supermercados relies on Viafirma to speed up the recruitment processes. From now on MAS supermarkets have Viafirma Documents  in their SaaS (Software as Service) mode. The Andalusian brand involved in a strong process of territorial expansion will now use Viafirma Documents to speed up their signature…

ALPHA SOCIEDAD DE VALORES now with both Viafirma Inbox and Fortress

Alpha Sociedad de Valores is a broker in Dominican Republic that signs and works everyday with purchase/sales agreements of financial assets in a generally controlled area where regular users operate. In order to speed up the management process of contracts and to evade any type of related paperwork, Alpha found in Viafirma Inbox the best…

INVERSIONES & RESERVAS now using Viafirma

Inversiones & Reservas, subsidiary of Grupo Reservas in Dominican Republic is one of the main brokers of the country and has over 74 years of experience in the dominican financial sector. As intermediaries in the stock market they receive a high volume of new applications for the opening online brokerage accounts. Inversiones & Reservas have…

Authentication and digital signature solutions in the Dominican companies of the Stock Market

More companies and institutions are aware of the need to implement authentication and signature solutions in the digital environment. This is due to the guarantees they provide, their usability and the rigor of their processes, ensuring the legality of any process.And this is the case of the Dominican Republic Securities Superintendence (SIV) and Alpha Sociedad…

Viafima Mobile is 7 years old

Last week was the 7th anniversary of the launch of viafirma mobile, a global milestone, for being the first platform that allowed the electronic signature of documents from Android, iPhone and iPad. Today, we wanted to dedicate this post to remember this launch and the characteristics of this solution.