How to use the remote signature in your business process

What is a remote signature? How does it benefit your business? eSignatures from Viafirma are designed for accelerating business and to offer solutions to handle complex singing processes efficiently.

Here’s how to use our remote signature with a wealth of benefits for your business

What are remote signatures?

When we refer to a remote signature, we mean the possibility of electronically signing documents from practically anywhere, at any time, where signatories do not need to be physically present at the same place.

They help streamline any business process to eliminate manual tasks as well as to focus on more important assignments.

They are suitable for any department that needs to approve or eSign stacks of documents. People who are always on-the-go, employees who work from home, customers, partners, suppliers, or anyone involved in the signing process who may have some difficulty traveling are now able to close deals easily from their smartphone.

Top 4 remote signature use cases

Contract extension in car rental companies

Leasing means a long-term agreement to rent a vehicle, either for personal or professional purposes. These are monthly payments previously agreed by the leasing company during the contracted period time.

Car leasing provides several advantages that attract many individuals and companies such as free tune-ups, repairs, insurance, roadside assistance or a legal service for claiming fines.

In Spain, according to Asociación Española de Renting de Vehículos (AER), at the end of February 2020 21.42% of registrations were leasing vehicles, so this is a market to be considered.

In the event that a client is happy with the service offered and decides to renew it, paying a visit to the leasing company’s office will not be necessary, as they can eSign remotely the renewal contract.

Signing informed consents in online appointments

New technologies have been a major breakthrough for the health sector, shaping what is now known as e-Health. Proof of this are advancements in monitoring remotely vital signs thanks to wereable devices, medical histories, electronic recipes, online medical advice, etc.

Both in the public and private sector, informed consent must be signed prior to any medical care. The General Data Protection Regulation makes its features very clear, which states that the consent must be:

  • Available: The informer has control over it
  • Specific: The aim of this data processing is perfectly defined and cannot be altered afterwards
  • Granular: Each purpose will require a consent option
  • Creditable: Details can be verified later

Whether we want to read the consent quietly, or avoid a visit to the health centre, the remote signature will be our ally in these situations.

Steps of the sign page
Sign page where you accept to receive advertising
Remote signing process of an informed consent

Purchase of vehicles

The car industry is a paper-heavy industry. eSignatures allow to sign contracts online plus achieving a paperless office.

When purchasing a vehicle, most buyers choose to finance the purchase over terms that suit their purchasing power. When this payment method is used, the last payment is usually higher and to refinance it, therefore it is necessary to go to the dealership to sign.

Remote signatures allow customers to agree on the payment terms without going to the dealer as they have the added benefit of being mobilized, helping car dealers speed up the selling process.


COVID-19 has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world and triggered changes in online shopping behaviors. Owners from online stores now need to sign stacks of documents remotely to run their business successfully.

As a matter of fact, some incidents prove that a remote signature is entirely secure and safer than traditional wet signature; as it also includes information that is uniquely linked to the signer or the time and place of signing.

Customer making a purchase online

How can Viafirma help you? 

Viafirma offers a wealth of options to create and use remote signatures efficiently which help you develop a winning digital transformation strategy for your business, switching from paper to digital documents.

Our software offers high levels of security and are strictly adhered to eIDAS standards. It sends signature request notifications to signers via SMS or email as well as tracking and monitoring in real time of the signing process.

Viafirma’s backend allows senders to request legal evidence from signers (video, ID picture, utterance, etc), create signature workflows or sending stacks of documents for signature to several signatories.

Viafirma’s eSignature is indeed a valuable contribution to digital business transformation. The three main benefits of using remote signatures include increased contract speed, enhanced security, and lower transaction costs