5 aspects in which innovation in the signature and authentication processes help to grow your business

Digital transformation processes are responsible for optimizing business management. As you well know, this transformation process consists of different phases, being the processes digitalization one of the most important. Today we are going to tell you 5 examples of how innovation in the signature and authentication processes can help you grow your business.

Signature delegation, new authentication processes and electronic signature are three key elements in the digitalization of a business, since they reduce the times of the processes and allow them to be carried out from any place.
Besides, if the company is in a sector that requires the management of a large number of documents, these tools will contribute even more to the optimization of its resources and, therefore, to the improvement of the general situation of the company.

In the digital era, one of the biggest concerns of companies is precisely the security of digital environments, as well as the loss of control. However, authentication solutions, signatures delegation and electronic signature allow having absolute control of who has proceeded to authorize a specific process or action.

On the other hand, solutions such as Viafirma Documents, are perfectly adapted to the requirements set by the new RGPD, by which the correct collection of personal data can be carried out, respecting the conditions established by legislation.

Here are some examples of how innovation in authentication and signature processes can help you improve your business

Resources savings

According to Catalog Spree and PaperKarma, an average worker in the United States uses around 10,000 folios per year, that is, four million tons of paper per year. The firm Loudhouse conducted the same study in the United Kingdom and it agreed on that figure and added that 68% of those are wasted.

A large part of this (badly) used paper is lost money to the company, besides to the huge amount of material that makes the organization more complicated and confusing. Definitely, two of the most valuable resources are lost: time and money. The digital signature and the delegation of signatures help to optimize both resources.

Workflow Optimization

Signature delegation, with solutions such as viafirma inbox helps create optimized workflows. Thanks to this, the processes and operation of a company are standardized and visible to all workers and thus know exactly who is responsible for what part of a project for example.

This use of well optimized workflows has many benefits, such as improved productivity, greater transparency and a faster reaction time, this way, achieving greater efficiency of the company’s performance. You can find more about the benefits of the signature delegation in this article: https://www.viafirma.com/blog-xnoccio/en/viafirma-inbox/

Increase in security

Manual authentication systems are becoming obsolete and now all companies should have implemented digital identity to have an appropriate protection level to current standards.

Biometric technology replaces classic passwords, which are usually too easy to remember better with the consequent risk that this entails or more complicated, much harder to remember. Biometric has become a more accessible and safe alternative.

Reduce fraud

Authentication through biometric technology is not only simpler and more accessible; it also prevents fraud and counterfeiting by requiring biometric user data. This makes processes like using the digital signature much faster and safer.

Any security measure extra and meets higher standards than the previous one is beneficial for the growth of a business, which will be more protected against external attacks or possible fraud that affect its stability.

More presence control

Traditionally, workers presence control has been carried out with PIN or personal cards, which can be easily interchangeable and are measures that are more open to irregularities.

With a greater security authentication, the control over the employees work is more exhaustive, which allows having better numbers on the effort made and analyzing them to obtain conclusions, make changes and look for solutions to improve productivity and performance.

Facilitates mobility

The possibility of working from almost anywhere is something that is gaining more importance in the environment in which we find ourselves. However, this is even more important for those companies that have the necessity of signing a large amount of documents at the moment – insurers, suppliers -, whether at events, airports or shopping centers.

The electronic signature of documents through solutions such as viafirma documents, allows the sale not to get frozen, since unlike the traditional process, contracts can be closed at the time, simplifying the entire bureaucratic process.

These are some of the advantages that the innovation in electronic signature, delegation and authentication processes offers. The opening of the markets, the Digital Single Market creation and the increase in the demand for mobility have made the companies digital transformation more than a utopia is an essential requirement to be able to continue in the game and the signature and Authentication are the perfect strategic ally to ensure that the whole process works.