SOUL-FI a Unique Opportunity for SME´s and StartUp´s across Europe

A few weeks ago, we talked about FIWARE and the enormous expectations that were in relation to this project. Today we have decided to dedicate this post to one of the FIWARE accelerators which is still in the process of allocation of economic endowments, SOUL-FI. If you are a Startup or SME, you have to read this article.

First things first, what is really SOUL-FI?

Its initials give us a clue, Startups Optimising Urban Life with Future Internet. SOUL-FI is an accelerator which promotes the development of innovative services and solutions that are based on the FIWARE technology. In other words, FIWARE development projects that contribute to improving the quality of life of citizens in urban areas.

SOUL-FI is giving an unique opportunity for many Startup’s or SME´s that are willing to develop their activity  integrating FIWARE technology. However, it not only allows projects to develop and test with real data – in Lab-fiware  environment, as we explained in the post on FIWARE-, but also has an important economic base for the financing of projects which may have more impact on improving the quality of life in urban areas across Europe.

The preferred sectors are: Smart Cities, Transport and Logistics, Energy and Environment, Education and Areas of social improvements. However, they are open to any web-based project that can contribute to improving the quality of life in Europe.

SOUL-FI has two different calls, Round A: Ignition and business plan, focused on developing web apps and services in the field of Smart Cities, now closed and a second known as Round B: Services and Application development oriented pilot projects Future Internet in smart cities, the latter remains active ..

The entry into the Round A or B depends primarily on the state of development of the project, with the Round A for projects that are in their earliest stages. In fact, it is possible  to submit  projects to Round A, and  then in a second stage, they can also apply for entering into the Round B.  Nevertheless,  projects can be presented only  to the second round without having gone through the first occurs.

In the first phase -Round A-  the selected projects were given up to 10,000 euros to test the idea and access to customers and potential partners. In addition there are monitors that help them to develop the business plan. But it does not stop there, the selected companies have been given the opportunity to enter in the Round B. SOUL-FI ordered one million euros to cover this game.

In the second phase -Round B- in which as we explained before, the applicant projects have to be more developed -prior Round A or not-, benefits are much more interesting. Thus, it offers the possibility to finance up to 75% of the project budget up to 75,000 €. But economic items are not everything, in addition,  they will be putted in contact with potential investors and partners and they are given the opportunity to test large-scale projects.

The call for the first group described, was closed in last March, however,  the Round B will be re open again on the 5th of September and the deadline  remains open until April 2016. Viavansi has not wasted this opportunity and we have presented to Round B with OGoov– FIWARE Integration Smart City project.

So if you have a project that ranks within those covered by SOUL-FI, do like us and show up.
If you need more information, we leave here a link to the official website of SOUL-FI and the link  to Round B in its social network F6S.