Viafirma Manager (II) – Statistics

Following the line of the first post about Viafirma Manager, we will dedicate this to discover the statistics and search module for this powerful Viafirma Platform add-on.

The statistics and operations advanced search module of Viafirma Manager is, no doubt about it, one of the strengths points of this tool, and allow us to:

  • Provide visual statistics about the level of success of electronic signature and the causes of errors operations. These statistics can be filtered by a large number of criteria: source operating system, user agent (browser), device type (desktop, mobile), locale, invoking application, signature format, certification authority …
  • Have a great advanced search power, which will combine filters similar to those above and take individual retail of a validation operation, signature or verification (analyzing the data and metadata from it). For example, you can search like “locates all PAdES format electronic signature operations, of X application which have a processing time greater than 500 milliseconds, where the user agent is Firefox and the OS is Linux, on a date between 1 and 31 January 2012. “


In the image above you can see a typical Viafirma Manager dashboard. The administrator has filtered in the upper left side, temporal space to be analyzed, and has not applied any additional filter. The system is showing the distribution of success rates of operations (in the example figure, 30.229 transactions with a 94.46% of successfully completed transactions).

The administrator has the ability to change filters which modify in real time the graphs presented, for example, selecting the same distribution time range by type of user agents:

Dashboard filtered

In real time, every time a filter is applied the system presents a operations distribution table in the bottom of the screen:

Dashboard filtered II

Clicking on the searching icon we can get the individual listing of all operations compling the filter. This type of operation listings can also be reached by combining the advanced search filters. The following figure shows the result of a search of electronic signature operations for a particular application, Safari as agent user, a date range of 3 days and PDF signing format:

Signature operations advanced search

Clicking on searching icon you can access the details of a specific operation, which contains specific data and metadata of the operation according to its type.

The user has a powerful advanced search filtering, by having a large number of  available filters and criteria, and the ability of combining them at will. It also has the ability to export the results for treatment in other external solutions.

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