Viafirma present in Argontech digital signature webinar

Argontech, Viafirma’s Argentinean partner will be holding a webinar called ” Digital and electronic signatures are here to stay”. An event that will deal with the basics, benefits and uses of digital signatures and that will take place on September 16th.

It is clear that electronic signatures have changed the way many companies work. Although they have existed for many years, in recent times they have become even more important.

Both Argontech and Viafirma solutions enable to perform different esignature operations, complying with Law 25.506 on digital signatures in Argentina. Therefore, it allows remote signatures, cloud signatures, biometric signatures, digital certificate signatures, server-based signatures, etc.

Besides, Viafirma’s integration to Argontech allows its clients to enjoy other benefits to streamline their operations, for instance, the creation of signature workflows, template and form edition, as well as the possibility of auditing the entire process, etc.

As a result, Argontech has organized the webinar “Digital and electronic signatures are here to stay”. In this webinar, Ariel Kijak, CIO, and Martín Valdés will talk about its benefits and uses.

During the webinar, some concepts will be explained as well as the main advantages for companies when using digital signatures, such as

  • Reducing time management processes, thus increasing efficiency.
  • Promoting collaborative work.
  • Avoiding unnecessary movements.
  • Going paperless, respecting the environment.

This webinar will take place via Zoom on September 16th at 15:30, Spanish time. To register for this webinar, please click on this link.