High speed rail line between France and Spain

The LGV Perpignan-Figueres is an international high speed rail line between France and Spain. The line connects two cities on opposite sides of the border, Perpignan in Roussillon, France, and Figueres in Catalonia, Spain.

It consists of a 44.4-kilometre (27.6 mi) line which crosses the French–Spanish border via the Perthus Tunnel, an 8.3-kilometre (5.2 mi) tunnel bored under the Perthus Pass. It opened on 19 December 2010 with a TGV service from Paris via Perpignan to Figueres.

The contract to build the line was awarded on 17 February 2004 to the TP Ferro consortium, a joint venture of Eiffage (France) and ACS (Spain).

source: wikipedia

TP Ferro trusted in Viavansi, who has developing the corporate intranet, with the collaboration of klicap.

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