Digital signature folder Viafirma Inbox

We have just released our Digital Signature Folder platform, (digital “portafirmas” for spanish speakers) Viafirma Inbox, which is fully integrated with our electronic signature platform Viafirma. Therefore, this solution gets its main functionalities from the platform such as the digital signature in mobile devices.

What is a Digital Signature Folder Platform?

It is a digital version of the traditional documents-to-be-signed signature folder, normally used to leave documents to be signed by someone. The electronic version is an horizontal key tool in paperless strategies and e-Government.  It centralizes corporate document signing processes using digital certificates, and exposes an API in order to receive documents from third applications in the ecosystem; making life easier for users, because they are just supposed to use this single centralized horizontal platform to sign documents, instead of being forced to interact with every other application that generates documents to be signed or approved.

Viafirma Inbox features:

  • Simple and usable AJAX-based web application, with similar behavior as GMail.
  • Folder and labels based classification. Inbox, Pending, Awaiting Request, Done, Rejected, Sent, Expired…
  • Different digital signature processes:
    • Single signature (by a single user, signing one or many documents in a batch).
    • One or many documents signed by many users, in serial, parallel or nested executions.
    • Simple approvals (no digital signature).
  • Visual definition of complex business processes (workflows), with optional use of roles or/and groups of users. Workflows can be reused at platform or user level.
  • Visual web calendar with tasks control, expiration warnings.
  • Authentic copies verification service.
  • Alerts and warnings email service.
  • Automatic PDF conversion (configurable).
  • Fully customizable platform thanks to visual advanced setup screens.

Viafirma Inbox technical features

  • JBoss Seam (Java EE), Maven, Hibernate, RIA interface with JQuery.
  • Multiplatform: can be deployed in several operating systems (Linux, UNIX, Windows, Mac OS X…), applications servers (Tomcat, Glassfish, JBoss AS, Websphere Application Server, Weblogic…), relational database systems (Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, IBM DB2 UDB…).
  • Advanced digital signature formats: XAdES, PAdES… Viafirma Inbox selects the most suitable format depending on the original document format, giving priority to PDF-based digital signature ones.
  • Long-term signature support (XAdES-X-L, XAdES-A) and timestamping.
  • Web Services (SOAP) secured API that allows third applications to integrate with. Free developer kits (with source code, sample applications and documents) for Java and .NET platforms.
  • LDAP integration for retrieving users and roles.
  • Mobile friendly (iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry). Digital signature with mobile devices. Specific mobile CSS stylesheets.
  • Customizable skins (visual themes).
  • Documents can be added from user’s disk or referenced from an enterprise content management system (ECM), like Alfresco, Nuxeo, Sharepoint, Documentum, Filenet… via a CMIS browser that can be corporate or user level.
  • Pluggable documents backup, storing in file system, database, ECM (CMIS)…
  • Advanced system and audit logs.

Ir order to let you know from our work, we post often new screencasts and videos involving Viafirma Inbox on Youtube (check our playlist). You can also download our functional brochure or technical document.

This is a video showing how a user can model a complex signature workflow:

You can finally check our last video that shows a four-signing workflow where every person uses a mobile device: