Happy Birthday Viafirma Mobile

Today we celebrate the 2nd birthday since we published the App Store and Android Market (currently Google play) our  mobile electronic signature clients and baptized the new product as Viafirma Mobile, as we all know it.

So, let’s blow on all the candles! Happy birthday, happy birthday …

As we did last year, we summarize the latest enhancements:

  • We completed the Viafirma Mobile’s compatible devices family, currently supporting iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and the latest addition: Windows Phone.
  • Recognized mobile electronic signature with the Spanish ID support on iPhone and iPad .
  • Digitalized signature (on iPhone y iPad), electronic handwritten signatures that we make on graphic tablets.

We want to congrate the Viafirma’s technical team. They are the responsibles of all this news.


P.D: Sorry for the video quality, but as it must be, it has been recorded from a mobile device 🙂