Video showing digital signature on mobile devices

We have just published a video on Youtube where we are showing the power of authentication and digital signature on mobile devices, thanks to the huge device support matrix of our digital signature platform VIAFIRMA.

To do this, we have used in the video our centralized digital signature platform called VIAFIRMA Inbox. This solution allows users to define custom signature workflows and is fully integrated with VIAFIRMA 3, so it inheritates its support of digitally signing with mobile devices running iOS (IPAD, iPhone, iPod Touch), Android and BlackBerry (currently Symbian and Windows Phone 7 are under development). In addition, Viafirma Inbox has specific CSS stylesheets for mobile to increase usability of our solution.
Our example is pretty simple, following this sequence:

  • A user starts uploading a PDF document to the platform, and sends it to four managers for approval.
  • Each user proceeds to digitally sign the document with a different mobile device. It comes first an iPhone, then an iPad, after that an Android-based Samsung Galaxy S and finally a BlackBerry Curve 8520 (5.0).
  • The first user download the final four-times signed PDF document, and open it with Acrobat Reader, where we can open Signature Panel. We can check there all signatures are valid.

The simplicity of this example does not hide the multidevice support of our digital signature platform VIAFIRMA and it can be a brief introduction to our centralized signature platform Viafirma Inbox.
We have used camera recordings in addition to screencasts, in those devices where it was possible to get them (MacBook, iPhone and iPad).

We really hope you have enjoyed this article!

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  1. Esto es «neutralidad tecnológica» en pura acción. Sencillo y divertido para el usuario final aunque no sepan el trabajo que hay detrás de todo esto.
    Enhorabuena a todos, cracks!

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