Module for remote signing processes

Viafirma Documents v3.6 includes the new web signature module for remote signing processes, enabling your customers to access a more user-friendly interface.

Try it out

By integrating Viafirma via our Api, both in service or group settings you can enable the new module 

By default, the earlier web signature module will still be available for your remote signing processes, but we recommend you to start testing this new module with your templates and signing processes. In future versions, the current one will no longer be available.

Sign page v3.6

How to activate the new web signature module?

If you are the group administrator, you can activate this in your group settings

From now on, all signing processes created remotely will use the module.

The setup is optional and will help you to test the new module on specific groups.

In later versions, this particular option at a group level will no longer be necessary, as this new module for remote signatures will be the one used by default.

Setting up the signing process via API

If you want to try out the new remote signature module in your current signing processes via API you only have to include the “signPageServer” parameter as shown below:

"signPageServer" : ""

Should you have any questions, please contact us to: