Same document. Different ways to sign it.

Please find below a list documents to try the different types of legal evidence:

If we want to strengthen the security of the signing process, our solutions also allow to require more than one legal evidence from the signatory.

Biometric signature

Suitable for face-to-face environments, on a signature pad that captures a wealth of biometric data – i.e., speed, pressure stroke, etc. It is considered as advanced electronic signature

In the case of distance environments, the signatory will receive an email or a text message with the signature request. By clicking on the link sent to their device, a signature page will open, like the ones shown the examples below


Suitable for remote environments, in cases when both parties are not on-site. Depending on the country, it is considered an advanced electronic signature

OTP Mail

Suitable for remote environments when both parties are not on-site

Certificate-based signatures

If the signatory has a digital certificate, this signing method is suitable for remote environments where both parties are not on-site. It is considered to be an advanced electronic signature

Compulsory reading and compliance clauses

Used as additional evidence to agree with those key clauses of the agreement

Adding images into the document

You can request images that will be incorporated into the document to be signed. A use case scenario can be any business process that requires an photo of the client’s ID card.