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The TSK-ACCIONA-SENER UTE uses the entry for the approval of all the documents generated during the

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Viafirma closes a collaboration agreement with Docout

01 Feb 2018

Viafirma and Docout sign a collaboration agreement that will contribute to the synergies generation between both companies. We tell you all the details.

MAS supermarkets, trust on Viafirma Documents in its SaaS version to optimise the recruitment and enrolment processes

24 Oct 2017

MAS Supermarket will use from now our solution viafirma documents in its SaaS verision ((Software as a Service). The Andalusian company is experimenting a very fast growth and viafirma document will make a positive impact in this process.

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*Información sobre la fusión de las sociedades Servicios Avanzados para las Instituciones S.L. y Viafirma S.L.

Puedes encontrar toda la documentación relacionada sobre la fusión aquí