platform - Authentication and electronic signature

It is our authentication and digital signature platform based on the use of electronic certificates guaranteeing the maximum safety level.

Simplifies the development of applications that require the usage of digital certificates, based on their inclusion as a service. Any application can include authentication and electronic signature using the services offered by the system, abstracting the applications from problems and technical complexities associated with the usage of digital certificates.

This tool is a response to the growing need of incorporating services for ensuring the security, authenticity and integrity in business transactions, standing out for its easy integration and usage.

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  • Digital authentication with digital certificates from any Certification Authority, including Spanish electronic ID.
  • Verification of revoked and expired certificates.
  • It offers differents methods of electronic signature depending on your needs: Unattended Signature (no user intervention), Attended Signature (with user intervention), Batch signing (multiple documents), Multisignaure (various authors), E-mail Signatures, Centralized Signature (store and centrally and secure manage the electronic certificates of users in your organization)
  • Support of the main signature standard formats: XML Signature, PDF-Signature, CMS / PKCS#7, XAdES and PAdES.
  • Alternatives to the Applet in browsers with NPAPI blocking, with automatic detection of the operating system, browser or use of Java to offer the user a alternative signature Based on the use of desktop applications (for Windows 7 and 8), desktop applications for Windows 10, JNLP application (Java Web Start) for Mac OS or Linux operating systems, Or make use of the native viafirma mobile apps available for free in the markets for iOS, Android and Windows Universal.
  • Timestamping or time stamp, It allows to verify the existence of a set of information and the integrity of it, incorporating the date and the hour of the signature in the electronic document.
  • Sign of electronic invoices, and invoice formats (VIAFIRMA is a solution approved by the Spanish Tax Office).
  • Documentary integrity verification and validity of the signature formats.
  • Custody and retrieval of the signed documents, supporting multiple mechanisms for querying and storage.
  • Signature ID and signature graphic generation (twodimensional bar codes).
  • Development kit for integrators in Java, .Net, PHP and C++.
  • Includes mobile device support with native apps for iOS, Android, and Universal Windows (UWP)
  • Support for digitalized or biometric signature for both signature capture devices and Topaz and Wacom With desktops or Tablet PCs), as well as mobile devices with iOS or Android capacitive screens.
  • Support for both digitalized signature support on signatures capture devices such as Topaz and Wacom (integrables with desktop computers or Tablet PCs), and iPad and iPhone.
  • Orientation to business processes: Easily adaptable to your business model.
  • Facilitating integration with your applications: offering all services by means of standard methods ( Web Services and OpenID ).
  • Guarantee technology neutrality thanks to the greater compatibility matrix of the market.
  • To promote the use of electronic certificates facilitating the contracting with different modalities:
    • Installed on client servers ( on-premises license ).
    • Consumed as a service from the servers contracted by viafirma on Amazon AWS ( on-demand license ) with various modalities of payment adjusted to different consumptions.
    • Secure trusted business in any Web application, through identity verification .
    • Bet on the & quot; Universal Signature & quot; , which represents the electronic signature solution that is more simple, neutral & nbsp; And innovative market:
      • Eliminating all the complexities associated with advanced technologies in their integration and use.
      • Complying with the requirements of Neutrality Technology , offering for this the best compatibility matrix in the market. The electronic signature advanced with VIAFIRMA can be used from any Operating System, Browser and mobile device iOS, Android or Windows Universal (UWP).
  • Cost reduction:
    • Paper-based data storage (space and file management procedures).
    • Displacement.
    • Time (implementation and movements)
  • Universal Signature: Sign with any browser, operating system, with iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Easy integration into any Multiplatform information systems.
  • Cost reduction on integration and development.
  • Technological neutrality ensured.
  • Continuous evolutive developments.
  • Ensure safety and effectiveness of operations.
  • Business and technical assistance from Viafirma's team .
  • Languages supported: English and Spanish.
  • Services consumption on-demand or through License.
  • Free Trial Kit.
  • Support for multiple certification authorities: fast integration (24 hours minimum) of any CA that meets the standards.

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