Viafirma E-Invoice - Electronic invoicing

It is a web based solution for the electronic invoice management. Viafirma E-invoice not only increases visibility and transactions transparency but also improves collaboration of stronger providers and clients following the Tax Agency requirements and the existing law.

E- Invoice is a complete solution suitable for all type of business that can automate the invoice process of receiving, handling, processing and archiving invoices.

This product replaces the traditional invoicing system and represents better global efficiency and cost saving. The integrity of data and authenticity of the origin are main security issues related to electronic invoicing.

  • “Universal Signature”, advanced electronic signature Automatic conversion to PDF documents.
    that can be used from anywhere (any browser and Customization of the interface to your company’s brand.
    and anytime.
  • Electronic Signature easy to use, neutral and innovative.
  • Flexible and friendly solution that allows creating from simple electronic invoices to complex depending on your own needs.
  • It guaranteesintegrity of the data and authenticity.
  • It includes a viewer and a system to validate e-invoices in order to optimize financial invoicing and archiving processes.
  • Automatic conversion to PDF documents.
  • Customization of the interface to your company’s brand.
    Drop down list to filter the results.
  • Documents history.
    Includes an API to reach a total integration of the licensing server with your ERP.
  • Customization type of document’s storage.
  • Follows the Ministry of the Treasury’s suggestions regarding to electronic invoices.
  • Traditional invoice replacement and going paperless.
  • Invoice automation.
  • Speed up the invoice process and improve the cash flow management.
  • Centralized administrative transactions.
  • Fully integration with any corporative system.
  • E- Commerce Promotion creating a trust in the electronic environment.
  • A friendly, legal and advanced technological solution that replaces handwritten signatures.
  • General efficiency improvement by adding speed to administrative processes.
  • Greater safety in the electronic invoice exchanges thanks to Viafirma Platform.
  • Time and cost saving.
  • Reducing cycle taking advantage of new payments terms.
  • Best way to reach the communication with Public Administration.
  • Corporate image improvement.
  • Avoid human errors.
  • Environmental benefits.
  • Timestamping service that allows checking the existence of a data set and its integrity, incorporating the date and time when the signing process is done.

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01 Feb 2018

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24 Oct 2017

MAS Supermarket will use from now our solution viafirma documents in its SaaS verision ((Software as a Service). The Andalusian company is experimenting a very fast growth and viafirma document will make a positive impact in this process.

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