Inbox - Electronic signatures agenda

Viafirma Inbox allows viewing, electronic signature, validation and custody of all types of documents in electronic form.

This is a Electronic Signatures Agenda which make easier the pending-of-signed document management providing them an approval and signatures workflow.

This web solution that follows the pattern of “e-mail client” organizes the signature agenda thanks to the notification and planning of the documents’ expiration date in signing.

  • “Universal Signature”, advance electronic signature that can be used from anywhere and anytime.
  • Electronic Signature Solution easy to use, neutral and innovative.
  • It allows you to sign any type of documents no matter what the format is and you may also restrict the desired types.
  • It makes possible the following signature types:
    • Serial Signature (cascade)
    • Parallel Signature
    • In line Signature
    • Approval Option
  • Standard rejection reasons management
  • Visual creation and management of complex signature workflows, dynamic search of signatories belonging to a group, having an role, responsible evaluation, subordinates, etc.
  • Administration of roles and work teams.
  • Configurable document and signatures storage (database, file system, ECM).
  • Multi-language interface, now supporting Spanish, Euskara, Catalan and English.
  • Send electronic mails notifying the users when they are requested to participate in a signing operation, when someone has signed, given a nod or rejected, after the request is expired, etc..
  • It makes possible signing from mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, Android. We also have a native app for iOS now available for download for free.
  • It includes: Calendar with task management function, notice of expiration dates in signature processes, etc.
  • Verification services of Original copies by using our Viafirma Platform, platform of authentication and electronic signature.
  • Alerts and notifications to signers (through emails, calendars, etc.).
  • Automatic conversion of documents to PDF.
  • Advanced requests classification: new, pending, rejected, personalized…
  • Customizable interface dependind on the branding needs of each corporation.
  • Integration with ECM systems (Documentum, Sharepoint, Alfresco, Nuxeo, Filenet ...) for the extraction of files to sign.
  • Replace traditional electronic signatures agendas.
  • Centralize the signing function of electronic documents
  • Fully integration with the current corporative systems.
  • Horizontal oriented: tool suitable for any hierarchy level of the company.
  • Providing the electronic administration service through use of digital cerficates.
  • Going paperless.
  • Offering a legal, advanced and friendly technological solution that replaces the physical and handwritten signing process.
  • Dynamize internal processes
  • Time and costs saving
  • Better safety and documental integrity
  • Improve general efficientcy by adding speed to administrative processes.
  • Centralizer of corporative tasks.
  • Ability to recuperate the original documents.
  • Monitoring of the signing process’ situations in any moment.
  • Timestamping service that allows checking the existence of a data set and its integrity, incorporating the date and time when the signing process is done.
  • App Store. Download our application for Apple devices for free at the following link:

    Link to App Store

  • Google Play. Download our native app for free android devices at free at the following link:




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In order to appreciate better the features of this agenda of electronic signatures, we created a...
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Viafirma Inbox is an innovative solution that allows you to manage all kind of documents in...

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