Manager - Statistics, analysis and configuration

Viafirma Manager is an optional add-on for Viafirma Platform, which allows the administration, configuration and customization of the platform visually through an intuitive and easy-used control panel. It can extract detailed and analytical information about the operation of the electronic signature platform thanks to its statistics panel, which includes information such as operating systems (desktop or mobile) that users access from, browsers, devices, certification authorities...also allowing filters by date, applications and more.

  • Full control over applications behavior interacting with the platform:
    • Applications General Options.
    • Creating, editing and querying contact information.
    • Settings backups.
    • Time stamping authorities (TSA) settings per application. Supports interaction with any TSA (Timestamping Authority) that comply the RFC 3161.
    • Sources of validation. Management of Certification Authorities and Validation Authorities who you wish to support to, on the system-level and on a concrete application level.
    • Custody certificate repository (Certificates Pool). End users can store their own certificates and authorize its use by other.
    • Storage and custody of signed documents under either local disk or network drives, NFS cabins, etc., Also ECM's as Documentum, Sharepoint, Nuxeo, Alfresco, IBM Filenet, DropBox or anyithing which uses the CMIS standard.
  • Viewing statistics on sectoral and line diagrams.
  • Data viewing tables with access to the advanced search.
  • Statistical data on the use of the platform according to already defined variables:
    • Date ranges.
    • Operating System.
    • Agent (browser).
    • Region (Local).
    • Application.
    • Certification Authorities (CA's).
  • Customizable advanced search filters (sorted by type of operation, operator criteria, value, range). Administration panel with options such as:
    • Combo options management.
    • Managing global CAs in order to add new certificates types.
    • Managing users and roles with editing permissions.
    • Viewing statistics in pie charts and line charts.
    • Data viewing tables with access to advanced search.
  • Make the operation and configuration of the platform easier, removing all the complexities associated with the control of it.
  • Provide analytical information about the behavior of electronic signatures applications users.
  • Display of statistics, offering all services in a visually and easily configurable way.
  • Centralization of data from different applications that make use of the platform.
  • Allow analysis of efficiency and performance of the platform.
  • Get detailed information of operations through customized searches.
  • Configure each application independently.
  • End user viewed of the application specific data.
  • Greater efficiency through better internal management of the platform usage..
  • Management of statistical data.
  • Enabling or temporary disabling of applications.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Full system audit.
  • Continuous evolutive developments

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