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The main electronic signature platforms of market, like viafirma platform, allow to provide authentication and electronic signature features to Web and desktop applications they integrate with. In this traditional scenario users access from their computer with web browsers (or desktop applications) to applications provided with digital signature.

However, more and more users are interacting with systems information through mobile devices: smartphones, tablets... that is why electronic signature is needed on mobile devices. The answer lies in the capacity of the Viafirma Mobile ecosystem, composed by viafirma platform and a set of electronic signature clients for most of the mobile operating systems and published for free in mobile applications markets.

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  • No license fees or further developments. Any application which is integrated with the 3.0 or higher viafirma platform's version, in any of the modalities we have available (license or cloud) allows a direct electronic authentication and sign from mobile devices.
  • Free for end-users. Viafirma’s electronic signing applications are published for free in the existing applications markets: Apple Store, Google Play, Windows MarketPlace, etc..
  • Multidevice. Currently supports electronic signatures for Apple iOS (including iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch, etc..), Android.
  • Recognized electronic signature. When using our smartcards reader (valid for the Spanish electronic ID and other cryptographic cards) for iPhone and iPad, it is reached the level of recognized electronic signature (according to the Spanish law), using a secure signature creation as the electronic ID, and metting the requirements of the advanced electronic signature.
  • Multi-CA support. Authentication operations and digital signing on mobile devices with certificates are supported from as many Certification Authorities as viafirma platform support.
  • Fully support of signature formats. It supports electronic signatues formats such as CMS/PKCS#7, XMLDSig, XAdES (leading to long-lived signature profiles as X-L or A), PDF Signature, and so on.
  • Electronic invoices signing. It supports e-invoice electronic signature formats within the mobile devices.
  • Fully support of signing forms. Depending on the needs and preferences you have, we offer different methods of electronic signing.
  • Multi-language interface. Viafirma’s mobile clients allow the internationalization of its interface texts.
  • Worldwide reference. Currently there is no other electronic signature platform with advanced electronic signature clients published in open markets like the Windows MarketPlace and we were the first ones to publish a advanced electronic signature client at other markets as App Store or Android Market.
  • Automatic Updates. Users are notified automatically of any updates of the signature clients on the different mobile operating systems.
  • Digitalized signature (on iPhone and iPad). Not limited to capture the signature image, it is also captured biometric data from the signature: pressure, strokes, etc.
  • The acquisition of smartphones such as Apple iPhone, Android phones as Google Nexus One or Samsung Galaxy S, etc., increases exponentially in all over the world. The end-user consumes more and more services from his mobile device: email, IP messaging, social networks, online shopping, electronic payment , VoIP telephony and video call, media, geolocation systems, streaming audio and video, mashups ... virtually any service or web platform provides, or is in the process of this, support for complete interaction from a smartphone.
  • Besides this global impact since 2010, a strong entry into the market of touch tablet (iPad, Android tablets, etc.) must be under consideration. They have even displace the sales of netbooks and laptops.
  • Web platforms equipped with electronic signature capabilities with digital certificates are not beyond this change of users behavior and should therefore support the advanced electronic signature on mobile devices. Any platform of this nature is likely to use Viafirma Mobile as the main mobile electronic signature worldwide reference.

Here it is a set of possible scenarios of usage, although any digital signature platform is in this range.

  • m-government. The m-government (mobile government) is the evolution of the Electronic Administration or electronic government (e-government) to allow the usage from mobile devices. In this way the government put their eGovernment systems available to users mobile devices, offering a new channel of interaction that is ideally suited to the new citizenship behavior. The e-government is closely related to electronic signature, so that it is essential a mobile electronic signature solution as viafirma platform.
  • Mobile electronic invoice. Electronic invoices can be digitally signed from any location with a mobile terminal.
  • Electronic signature workflow management platform. The mobile electronic signature allows users of these applications to electronic sign and to approve signatures ubiquitously, streamlining business processes. Within the Viafirma’s suite of products is provided this “electronic signature holder” solution called Viafirma Inbox, with a particular interface adapted to provide fully support for mobile devices.
  • Mobile electonic banking, it is able to perform operations on mobile devices with legal validity and high safety. Electronic voting from mobile devices.
  • Means of payment.
  • On-site services (meter reading, field reports, fines ...).
  • In general, any solution which have electronic signing is capable of allowing its full interaction from mobile devices.
  • App Store. Download our application for Apple devices for free at the following link:

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  • Google Play. Download our application for Android devices for free at the following link:

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  • Windows. Download our APP for Windows devices at the following link:

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