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The suite viafirma documents is the solution for the management of documents that need to be signed in mobile devices, serving as an access between the back office customer, such as a CRM, and the end user.
The solution includes signature components, backend for a complete and broad service management and customization apps for iOS and Android.

These applications support digitalized signature solutions, based on electronic evidence as biometrics, photography or the possibility to share the geographic location of the signatory.

It also allows the capture of other electronic evidence with devices with the fingerprint capture, as fingerprint reader Tactivo de Presice Biometrics, and combining with precision stylus pointers as Jot Touch de Adonit or Stylus of Wacom.

  • Viafirma document allows different input channels to build the document to sign:
    • PDF Source: receive a PDF generated by a third ready to sign, for example a CRM.
    • Data Source: Data + receives a cloud template ID, and builds a PDF ready to sign.
    • Origin form: form displays, complete the details and build a PDF document ready to sign.
    • Mixed origin: receives partial data cloud + ID + form template where requested more data and finally generates a PDF ready to sign.
  • Allows building PDFs from pre-designed templates, design can be done in two ways: Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat with type AcroForm fields.
  • Integration with back offices and third parties. APIs and exhibition of REST services to facilitate the integration of third party applications and manage users, devices, messages or notifications including validation services and control states.
  • Customizes the final stages of the life cycle of a signed document, through the implementation of various mechanisms for transfer and / or copies of documents generated and signed. The mechanisms currently support: NFS, FTP, CMiS (Content Management Interoperability Services) and in general, any repository that expose your REST services.
  • It includes push notifications ready to integrate with Apple services officers (APN) and Google (GCM), providing an administration interface where the service configuration level app is allowed.
  • It includes native apps for iOS and Android, responsible for receiving notifications and signing documents.
  • The solution allows you to add a number of biometric evidence which can be appended to the set of signed data depending on the associated signature policy:
    • Capture photos of the signatures or capture other images you want to provide as evidence like: identity cards, passports, receipts, payroll, etc. :
      • Capture Geopositional (GPS): using GPS to determine the location of the signer during the signing process.
      • Official Time Capture: using official time, by integrating an authorized TSA (Timestamping Authority).
      • Biometric data capture related to the digitalized signature, based on ISO/ IEC: 19794-7: 2014, and performed with such devices "stylus" that allow the capture of pressure levels up to 2048 points
      • Biometric data capture related to the fingerprint, made with some mobile fingerprint readers with support for iOS and Android and compliance with specifications ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005 ANSI 378.

Viafirma documents are intended for any scenario where it is necessary to remove the role in the processes of signing with clients or external users to an organization.

The use of mobile devices for the distribution of documents and signature of these will not only allow the elimination of paper , but the process mobilization , ie That the signing operation can be done anywhere.

For Sale in Offices


With viafirma documents, a salesperson will not need to select a printer to print the sales contract to the customer sitting in front of him. Instead, you will select the mobile device that will push the push and all the information you need: contract ready to read and sign, customer photo capture, fingerprint, etc.



Viafirma documents can be integrated with other mobile applications that perform self-management functions such as those used at kiosk retail outlets.

Mobility Assistance


Any sales agent, or technical assistant , can use your mobile device as a point of sale or assistance, formalizing the act of signing to the customer as if it were in the office. Thanks to the integration with backoffices of third parties, the operation ends with a feedback of the signature and even the transfer of the signed document, allowing with it the knowledge in time or real of the operation.

Viafirma documents is compatible with iOS devices, Android and Windows , both on tablets and smartphones.

The use of external devices to capture evidence will depend on the support of each platform and each manufacturer and model available.

To date, the external devices supported to capture signature and trace evidence are as follows:

Signature Capture

For iOS

Adonit Jot Touch, Adonit Pixel Point, Adonit Pixel Pressure Sensitive, Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus, Wacom Bamboo Fineline and Apple Pencil.

For Android

Wacom S-Pen, HP Duet Pen, Huawei Mediapad M2

For Windows

Microsoft Surface Pen

Signature Pad


Footprint Capture

To capture fingerprints, viafirma documents already have the support of readers designed for mobile devices, suitable for iOS and Android, such as the Precise Biometrics Tactical models with template capture in ISO / IEC 19794-2 format: 2005 ANSI 378.


Success Cases

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