Updates in Viafirma Documents latest version

Viafirma launches an updated version of Viafirma Documents, releasing a new architecture, more user-friendly. Here are some of the main updates of our latest version, a sweet preview of what’s to come in 2020. 

Improving security with new evidence, complying with current legal regulations, facilitating business processes to our customers and meeting the needs of each client are the reasons why is an ongoing task for us at Viafirma. Therefore, before the end of the year, we have presented a set of improvements that will be precursors to important updates that we will see in 2020. Some are:

  • New modular architecture
  • Improved Audit trails
  • Audios and videos included in your signing processes
  • Attachments in your applications
  • Moving face filter for your pictures
  • Improvements in the geolocation of your business processes
  • Massive requests
  • Better security in APIs
  • SMS-based Callback
  • Now also available in French. Remember that Viafirma Documents is also available in Spanish, English, German and Portuguese

Viafirma documents

These are just some of the improvements that we introduce in 3.6 version of Viafirma Documents, a great preview of what we are preparing for our customers for 2020, such as support for multiple documents and for different signatories; new integrations with external validation of credit risk services; new inclusions with identity validation services, a new web signature module based on the API BASE service and integrating services from other products of Viafirma suite.

You can find out more information of the latest 3.6 Version here


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