Tenth anniversary of the first digital signature software for iOS and Android

On July 29th, 2010, we published in our web blog the article “Viafirma now available in Apple Store and Android Market”. Ten years later, Viafirma remembers this historic milestone, which was a starting point for digital signatures for iOS and Android 

Ten years ago, Viafirma was the first esignature company in the world to offer electronic signature services available in App store and in Android Market (now known as Google Play).

As we explained in this article, we pointed out the presence of digital signatures in both formats for free. Viafirma was the first platform in the world that supported both authentication and digital signatures for any device.

After five years, we celebrated together by sharing with you all the news and improvements we had developed within that timeframe.

Ten years later, after Viafirma reached 20 years of existence, the company still keeps improving and advancing to offer the best digital signature service on-device and in cloud on practically any device, providing complete security reassurance and using several types of biometric evidence.

Nowadays, Viafirma keeps researching and innovating. Expanding throughout Europe and Latin America, our solution still remains as the market’s leading edge. Some of our most outstanding examples are the implementation of the first centralised signature project in Latin America; the concession of two Seals of Excellence in the H2020 program; the recent recognition as Qualified Trust Service Provider within the European Union; the acquisition of our solution by the Dominican Republic’s Judicial Power this year; or the selection in the R+D+i INNOWWIDE pilot project of the European Union among approximately 400 companies from 35 countries.

Please get in touch if you wish to know more about Viafirma’s mobile electronic signature.


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