Viafirma allows Collins Dictionary to enrich its corpus with their web publications

Last May, the Collins dictionary team contacted Viafirma asking permission to include their contents in the Collins corpus.

A corpus is a compilation of texts. The Collins corpus is the most important dictionary in the English-speaking world. It currently has over 4.5 billion words of English from books, magazines, newspapers, websites and transcripts of oral records.

However, the Spanish version of the corpus is smaller, but growing. As a result, Collin Spanish corpus is therefore a large database of oral and written Spanish that uses the dictionary to analyse the language, as well as to maintain the accuracy and relevance of their dictionaries.

To keep the corpus up-to-date with the best content, Collins has a wide range of sources. Therefore, they have requested Viafirma’s permission to access their web contents and to improve their corpus in everything related to both the digital signature and electronic signature. Besides, Viafirma’s contents will also be used to illustrate in their dictionaries how the words are used in context.

Viafirma, specialists in the field with over 20 years of experience in the sector, has gladly accepted to help improve Collins’ corpus, contributing to the pioneering linguistic research on which Collins’ lexicographical work is based.

Furthermore, this will not only be used for Spain. Latin corpus with both Dominican and Colombian Spanish will also be supported with our websites from both countries.

Viafirma cares about using precise and clear Spanish in a highly dynamic field as the technological one, and we are pleased to collaborate with such a prestigious brand as Collins dictionaries to help boost the third most spoken language in the world.

What is Collins Dictionary?

HarperCollins is the publishing company where Collins dictionaries belong, which is one of the most important dictionaries worldwide, especially in English.

This publisher has worked with world-renowned works by Mark Twain, Martin Luther King Jr. and Margaret Wise Brown.

With almost 200 years in the language industry, Collins is a pioneer in the publication of dictionaries, which are characterised by being user-friendly as well as continuously updated, in addition to its Collins Corpus. Thus, they offer an unparalleled resource for language professionals and language lovers.


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