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Informed consent eSignature

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ROVI is a Spanish pharmaceutical company focused on the research, development, manufacture and sale of small molecules and biological medical products.

Evidence of their capacity and commitment to innovation was the news from November 2020 stating that Moderna was the best vaccine to date against COVID. Moderna will be manufactured and distributed worldwide by ROVI.

ROVI has used Viafirma since 2014. Their needs and requirements have been growing since then, and Viafirma has been supporting them with solutions tailored to their needs and requirements, especially during 2020 when it was practically impossible to sign documents in person.

Informed consent eSignature

Signing informed consents is Rovi’s main application. They use our Viafirma Documents software to sign their documents electronically, together with biometric signature via iPad tablets and Adonit’s Jot Touch stylus pen by the medical staff.

Automating processes through signing informed consents electronically

ROVI is a pharmaceutical company that not only produces their own pharmaceutical products but also for third parties, and distributes them. Its success is based on its commitment to research and innovation, carrying out potentially valuable R&D projects.

Signing informed consents is very common in their projects. This is the procedure in which a patient agrees to take part in a research project, to receive a physical examination by a doctor after fully understanding the objectives, benefits, risks, rights and responsibilities involved.

The challenge

2014 was a particularly significant year for ROVI:

  • Strong leadership in R&D
  • Developing the strategic industrialization plan
  • Internationalization of its products
  • Approximately 1,000 professionals

To the above, we add ROVI’s philosophy based on continuous improvement and innovation, together with its entry into the H2020 programme. As a result, their regular manufacturing and distribution processes increased with the new upgrades and market expansion of that year.

The strategy: the eSgnature.

It was that same year, in 2014, when they decided to rely on Viafirma to improve and digitize informed consents.

Through Viafirma Documents they can sign documents on mobile devices, linking the client’s backoffice and the end user.

Our solution includes many types of eSignature, a backend and an app for iOS, Android and Windows.

In addition, the mobile app allows biometric signatures which is based on the capture of a wealth of biometric data, photo and location of the signatory, etc.

The outcome

In recent years, Rovi has achieved a more efficient and environmentally friendly product management, reducing the amount of paper use. Every team has access to this solutions which saves time in managing paperwork and consents.

Rovi is using all types of eSignature offered by Viafirma for each case scenario: eSignature folder, centralized or cloud signature, identity management and strong authentication, etc.

Latest data from October 2020 are 500 users and devices using Viafirma and more than 100,000 documents signed electronically.

It is currently implemented at national level in Spain.

Unplanned scenario, tailored solutions

Since March 2020, due to COVID-19 health crisis and the lockdown Laboratorios Rovi is facing the problem of not being able to sign consents and other types of documents in person on mobile devices.
This problem which is very common in other clients from the healthcare industry and many other sectors has been solved thanks to Viafirma’s remote signature. In the specific case of Rovi, using SMS OTP email signature.