Can I modify the document once it already has signatures or any other added evidence included?

If the process includes a form to add additional data to the document you can add and modify the text of the input field as many times as you want. However, if after the document is completed with the data form signatures or other electronic evidences were added, any change could affect it’s purpose, therefore it is not possible to edit.

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If you need to change any data you can do so, but we will need to remove all signatures and evidence that were previously added to start over the process. Please bear in mind that we do this to ensure the security of the document.

Imagine we have the contract ready to be signed, you’ve specified you would like to pay for the service in 36 instalments and you’ve already signed those terms. If afterwards the number of instalments is changed all previous signatures would not correspond to what the signatory read at that time of signature.

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