FAQs about Viafirma Fortress

Can I have more than one certificate?

Yes, the same user can hold many certificates, from different profiles or Trusted Service Providers.

Can I delegate the use of my certificate?

That’s precisely one of the main advantages of Viafirma Fortress, the possibility of delegating the use of our certificate maintaining the same security levels set for use and always under control

Through delegation policies we can restrict the use of our certificate, determining WHERE, HOW and WHEN our certificate can be used.

If necessary, we can even choose a trusted person to delegate the use of our certificate to a third party receiving a notification to authorize the delegation

Can I import a certificate to Fortress?

Yes, Viafirma Fortress allows to import externally-generated .p12 or .pfx format digital certificates to HSM

Can I request a certificate directly from Viafirma Fortress?

Yes, you can request your certificate without logging out from the platform and these are generated directly in the cloud

Fortress already has the integration of several Trust Service Providers (TSP) and Certification Authorities (CA), allowing to optimize procedures such as the generation of centralized certificates.

In addition, thanks to a plug-in system, Fortress is ready to add new connection and integration interfaces to new providers and new certificate profiles.

How do we generate a certificate in the cloud?

Via prior registration we link the physical with the digital (enrollment) identity, allowing to issue a personal certificate in a secure server in the cloud (HSM) which will be invoked when necessary to use it.

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