Information related to Viafirma Fortress. Managing digital certificates and centralized signature

The centralized certificate in Fortress doesn’t work

When you are visiting a website with Viafirma Fortress Desktop, for example, Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT), the following checks must be performed: Uninstall the ‘Viafirma Fortress Desktop’ application and install the latest corresponding version you will find on the Viafirma Fortress page in the section below – Check that the viafirma fortress icon appears in […]

When signing with Viafirma fortress I receive the following error: ” Browser extension not activated” What can I do ?

For the proper functioning of Viafirma Fortress Desktop from the browser, it is necessary to have the appropriate extension enabled. Otherwise, the following error message is displayed: To enable the extension the following steps must be taken depending on the browser: Google Chrome Go to the extensions list installed on Google Chrome by clicking on the […]

FAQs about Viafirma Fortress

Can I have more than one certificate? Yes, the same user can have many certificates from different profiles or Trust Service Providers. Can I delegate the use of my certificate? Yes. One of the main advantages of Viafirma Fortress is that it allows to delegate our certificate while having the same levels of security and […]

What is an authentication factor?

This is a method to confirm a user’s identity using some kind of information they know (password), something they are or may possess. What is an authentication factor based on SMS Token? Viafirma Fortress notifies the user via SMS, requiring an OTP password (One-Time-Password) for the use of his certificates. Several SMS providers are supported […]

Centralized Signature

Having centralized certificates (hosted on a secure access server) allows you to incorporate the centralized signature into your business processes. In general, Viafirma Fortress manages three centralized signature procedures based on the origin of requests. Customer signature (desktop – CSP) Certificates centralized in Fortress can be used in business processes requiring customer signature thanks to […]

What is robust Authentication

Certificates are associated with security mechanisms to control their use and are based on different layers of protection: something the person knows or inherent to the user. These identification procedures are known as authentication factors. To be considered robust authentication at least two authentication factors are required: Something the user ”knows” (password). Something the user […]

Is the cloud signature safe?

The fact that our certificate isn’t installed on any device it only increases its security. If the certificate is on a device where passwords are usually stored it is relatively easy for someone else with access to the device to sign for us. However, in order to use the cloud signature at least two authentication […]

What is the cloud signature or centralized signature?

The cloud signature or centralized signature is a secure authentication solution that improves the usability of the signature. As its name suggests, it is characterized by the fact that the digital certificate is stored in a Hardware Security Module (HSM), and the user is able to access it whenever he wants to sign a document […]