Information regarding Viafirma Inbox – the most comprehensive eSignature folder on the market

I cannot run Viafirma Java Desktop in Java

If you’re having trouble running Viafirma Java Desktop on Mac, it’s probably because of some security changes in Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave versions. If we try to open an app from an identified developer that is not registered with Apple, a warning dialog box will open like the following: We explain you step by […]

Viafirma Inbox – Frequent questions

Does Viafirma Inbox allow bulk signing? Yes, Viafirma Inbox allows the user to sign in one go, saving time for managers and heads. Does Viafirma Inbox support the digitized or biometric signature? Yes, Viafirma Inbox supports the digitized or biometric signature, both in signature capture devices like Topaz or Wacom (compatible with desktop computers or […]

What is a Digital signature folder (Portafirmas)?

If we look up in a dictionary the definition of Digital signature folder we will see that it is a folder where the documents to be signed are placed. Therefore, we can define the digital signature folder as a centralized platform (as a folder) where regardless of where the document to be signed is generated, […]

How to install digital certificates in Viafirma Inbox app for iPhone?

In order to install our digital certificates in Viafirma Inbox app for iPhone we will use the transfer of files associated to Applications available in iTunes. As shown in the picture we only need to drag our Digital Certificate (.p12 or .pfx) to our Viafirma Inbox app. Remember that Viafirma Inbox app for iPhone is […]