Information related to Viafirma Platform – eSignature and digital certificate authentication solution

Fundae access issue with Viafirma app in Safari

The new Safari iOS 13.1 version comes with the ”website in desktop” enabled. To continue using the Fundae website with Viafirma app for devices using this operating system there are two possibilities: 1.- Via Google Chrome web browser 2.- Desabling the displayed option following the steps below Go to the Safari application settings through the […]

Which certificate has been used to sign the Viafirma Applet or JNLP?

In order to check the certificate used to sign the Viafirma Applet and JNLP the following steps must be taken: 1.- When displayed on the screen ” Do you want to run this app? ” , we click on ” More Information ” 2.- In the ”More information” window we click on ”View Certificate Details” […]

I cannot run Viafirma Java Desktop in Java

If you’re having trouble running Viafirma Java Desktop on Mac, it’s probably because of some security changes in Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave versions. If we try to open an app from an identified developer that is not registered with Apple, a warning dialog box will open like the following: We explain you step by […]

Error 100 – The certificate has not been successfully validated

There are times when using a certificate for authentication or to sign a document the platform reports some kind of error. You can check the types of error that can occur when using certificates in this link.

Viafirma Platform – Frequent questions

Does Viafirma Inbox support the digitized or biometric signature? Yes, Viafirma Inbox supports the digitized or biometric signature, both in signature capture devices like Topaz or Wacom (compatible with desktop computers or Tablet PC) and in mobile devices with capacitive Android or iOS touch screen. Does Viafirma Platform have support for native apps? Yes. Viafirma […]

What certificates can I use with Viafirma Platform?

Viafirma Platform can perform digital authentication with digital certificates from any qualified Trust Service Provider (TSP), including Electronic ID (Spain). Check the list of PSC’s supported by Viafirma. If the one you need isn’t on the list we can integrate with any provider or certification authority in no time.