Viafirma Platform – Frequent questions

Does Viafirma Inbox support the digitized or biometric signature?

Yes, Viafirma Inbox supports the digitized or biometric signature, both in signature capture devices like Topaz or Wacom (compatible with desktop computers or Tablet PC) and in mobile devices with capacitive Android or iOS touch screen.

Does Viafirma Platform have support for native apps?

Yes. Viafirma Platform includes support for mobile devices in iOS  and Android.

Does Viafirma Platform allow the inclusion of any kind of seal or proof in the document that is going to be signed?

Yes. Viafirma Platform allows several stampers policies to create signature proofs by using elements such as:

At first glance, an electronic signature of a document is barely noticeable. Therefore, from the Public Administration first and subsequently the rest of private companies that use the electronic signature they all began to include visual seals to the signed documents.

If you need any additional information about the difference within electronic seals and digital certificate, please read this post on our blog.

These seals are merely visual proof that the document in question has been signed electronically.

The space occupied by the seal is usually used to include some kind of useful information such as the CSV (Secure Verification Code). As a rule, they are usually in barcode format.

Can Viafirma Platform protect and retrieve signed documents?

Yes. Viafirma Platform protects and retrieves signed documents, supporting many storing and consultation mechanisms.

What signature formats does Viafirma Platform support?

Viafirma platform supports the main standard signature formats, like PAdES, XAdES or CAdES, including long-lived signature.

Does Viafirma Platform verify revoked or expired certificates?

Yes. The verification of the certificate status is done with OCSP and CRL.

Does Viafirma Platform validate signature formats?

Yes, indeed Viafirma Platform validates signature formats. Get to know all supported signature formats and which one suits your needs.

What signature mode does Viafirma Platform offer?

Viafirma Platform offers different modes of electronic signature depending on your needs: centralized signature (with or without user intervention), client signature (with user intervention), signature in batch (several documents), multi-signature (several signatories ), signature of emails, etc.