The most comprehensive digital signature folder on the market

Save time and lower your costs. Setup e-signature workflows that tailor your signing processes to fit your specific business requirements.

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A flexible digital signature folder


Going paperless and more economical

Replaces the traditional signature folder. Save time and money, the days of carrying around documentation are over!

User friendly

Works like your email inbox


It adapts to any signature workflow of your company, from the simplest to the most complex.


Mayor seguridad e integridad que el documento físico.​


Overall tracking, including time and date


Supports bulk signing, allows signature delegation, signing from your device… A dream come true for any executive!

Why choose Viafirma Inbox?

Powerful and easy-to-use at the same time

Simple, Advanced or Qualified Signature

Sign with your local or cloud certificate, with OTP SMS or with your digitized or biometric signature.

Signature delegation

Introducing task delegation from one user to another. Tasks can be permanent or for a certain period of time, allowing to apply certain access filters.


Interface fully compatible with mobile devices, allowing to perform electronic signature tasks entirely from your smartphone. Free apps available on App store and Google play.

Signature Flows

Set signature workflows for complex documents. Sign documents in any order, at the same time, or make approvals. Search by signatories that belong to a specific group, job position, etc.

Integration with document management software

Integrable with the following ECM systems: Documentum, Nuxeo, Alfresco, IBM Filenet, Sharepoint, etc.

Cloud Signature

Boosts Viafirma Inbox, combined with our centralized signature solution Viafirma Fortress


Build 100% independent digital signature folders using different graphics and settings.


Metadata can be open values added at the time when the signature request is created, or predefined fixed metadata managed by the administrators of the platform.


Timestamping allows you to verify a dataset as well as its integrity, adding the time and date of the signature to the e-document.

The signature suitable for any need

Easy integration

With your document management system or any other eBusiness tool

Request Access



If I have multiple requests in my inbox, can I sign them in one go?

Yes indeed. Select all signature request checkboxes and sign them electronically.

Can I use Viafirma Inbox directly from my smartphone?

Viafirma Inbox has an interface fully compatible with mobile devices, allowing the implementation of tasks directly on the phone. It also includes native applications in Apple Store and Play Store for free.

Can I send documentation to be signed to several people in one go?

You can define as signatory (or approval) a person or several people, a job title, a group, special groups as “responsible for a user” or “subordinate of a user”, etc.

Does Viafirma Inbox comply with the legal requirements of the European Union?

The electronic signature is an electronic dataset linked to an electronic document and its functions are: to uniquely identify the signatory and to ensure integrity of the signed document.


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Also in your smartphone or tablet

Available for iOS and Android

With your document manager or any other eBusiness tool

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