Customized stamps for my evidence in Viafirma Documents

Customized stamps for my evidence in Viafirma Documents

When using evidence in your signature policies, you will be able to define a customized stamp for each one of the supported evidence types, replacing the stamps that we used by default in Viafirma’s configuration.

What evidence can I customize

You can customize the look of the seal for evidence

and also IDENTICAL and CIFIN special evidence, providers for our clients in Colombia that use remote identity verification services based on online fingerprint verification and security questions.

How can I customize my stamps?

Viafirma Documents has a configuration panel to customize your style for the signing process from your work group

If you have permissions for these properties, you only have to click on ”Style” from the menu, which offers several settings, including the one explained below.

You can upload your customized stamps in PNG format and link them to the type of evidence we will use.

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