Viafirma’s Certification Authority: Our quality brand at your service

Viafirma, through its local subsidiary, Avansi S.R.L. was the first certification entity authorized by Indotel in the Dominican Republic in 2006. With this authorization we can issue and revoke digital certificates that are used to authenticate users and digitally sign documents with full validity in the country. Get your electronic certificates with us.

What can I use a digital certificate for?

To sign your personal documents

To identify yourself to the administration

To sign documents on behalf of your company

To automate electronic invoicing processes before the DGII (Internal Revenue Service).

To carry out procedures with the Central Bank of the DR

img inspections and audit.

To access the certificate issuance service, choose your type of certificate:

Individual certificates

In his or her own name. You can sign with it any digital document in your name and identify yourself to the administration for procedures.

Corporate certificates

Issued to individuals related to a company or in the name of the company, they allow the legal signature of documents in the work environment.

Certificates for Tax processes

For individuals authorized to carry out the tax procedures of a company and the processes related to the electronic invoicing of the DGII (General Directorate of Internal Taxes).

Certificates for Financial Institutions

Issued to individuals employed by Financial Intermediation Entities or to the Financial Intermediation Entities themselves to carry out procedures related to the Central Bank (signing of check images, clearing house and SIPARD).

Digital certificates in 5 easy steps

Obtaining a digital certificate through Viafirma is a simple and entirely online process through our local company, Avansi S.R.L.

Know which certificate profile is the one you need to carry out the procedures for which you are requesting it. Below we explain the possible profiles we offer you.

Access the application form for this digital certificate profile.

Once the application form is completed, the same system will ask you to attach the required documentation for that profile.

Verify the identity of the certificate subscriber, to ensure that the subscriber is who he/she claims to be.

Finally, a contract is signed for the provision of the service.

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