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Speed up the signing process of any document with customers, providers and employees.

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Where can I use it?

At your company

Go paperless! Streamline your contract lifecycle (i.e. Non-disclosure agreements, purchase and sale agreements…), delegation, signing payslips,etc.

Hombre firmando digitalmente desde su móvil

On your phone

A contract that needs to be signed immediately? A report that needs urgent approval?  Being out of the office won’t be a problem again.

Firma digital en todo tipo de tiendas

At stands and shops

Hello digital. Goodbye printing! Documents can be  esigned on the customer’s mobile device, or create the document on your device by filling a form with the clients’ information.

Firma biométrica recogida en la entrega de un paquete

At the delivery point

Ensure that the right person receives the goods at the set place and date. Track all your deliveries in real time.

Hombre firmando digitalmente en una tablet desde su casa

At home

Optimize your contract workflows directly on your device from home.

Firma digital en ferias y congresos

At exhibitions

Forget about carrying around leaflets, flyers or printed documents. By simply using a tablet you will be able to contract services, scan documentation, verify identities…


All about the digital signature

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Big and small, public and private, national and international

Top entities rely on us in + 14 countries

Up-to-date legal compliance

100% eIDAS 100% GDPR

Trust Services

Strict adherence to eIDAS regulation. Choose within simple, advanced or qualified signature based on your needs, complying with the world most rigorous legal framework regarding digital identity. 

Data Protection

Informed consents that support the new GDPR. All our solutions treat personal data responsibly.

the digital SIGNATURE suitable for EVERY NEED

Sign with Viafirma

Biometric Signature

Handwritten signature captured through a tablet or a signature pad.

Certificate-based signatures

Digital certificate signature. These are certuficates issued by a Certificate Authority which validates the signature and the signer's identity

Cloud signature

Sign with a digital certificate stored on a secure server (HSM), with robust authentication.

Server-based signature

Certificate-based signatures, without requiring user interaction

OTP SMS & OTP email

Signature linked to an OTP code (one-time-password) sent to the signatory's smartphone via SMS

Sign with your fingerprint

Electronic signature in which biometric fingerprint data is collected.

More than 19 years working with digital signatures

Why choose Viafirma?

International and national references

We have hundreds of references in all sectors and in 14 American and European countries, which speak well of what might be the most comprehensive solution on the e-signature market.

Legally certified

We have several certifications that grants legal validity of the signatures captured with our software

Our own and neutral technology

At Viafirma we use full proprietary technology, developed by our IT department, without relying on third parties. We believe in technology neutrality, having the best compatibility matrix on the market.

Focused on service

Customer needs and user experience are key elements in our solutions. We foresee, meet and overcome your expectations. In the case of needing extra help, we offer a flexible customer service.

Ability to adapt

Our fully configurable and customizable solutions allow us to both adapt and meet individual needs, as not all sectors nor clients are equal

Unlimited license

For higher volumes our clients can choose a one-shot payment licence, instead of paying for each signature request. This can be deployed in the client's server or in a cloud server managed by us.

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Integrate with Viafirma

Integrate electronic signature capabilities into any of your clients’ or your own business processes in a quick and easy way

we are more than just SIGNATURES

OGoov | Integral Solution for Open Government

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Open Data

Display your data for everyone in formats that allow consultation and/or reuse by third parties to generate new value.

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Promotes accountability of the administration towards the citizens and provides information on what is being done and on action plans

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Public Participation

Promotes actions that increase the role and involvement of citizens in public affairs and reinforces the commitment of political forces with their fellow citizens.

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What is an electronic signature? General

An electronic signature or e-signature is a dataset linked to an electronic document. Its primary functions are to uniquely identify the signatory and to ensure integrity of the signed document.

What are biometric signatures?General

Biometric signatures are those drawn on tablets, devices or Wacom signature pads.

Which eSigning methods are legal? Legal

The legality of a signature depends on its adherence to the regulations in force from each country.

In Spain, as in the rest of the European Union countries, the legality of any method depends on its compliance with the requirements laid down in eIDAS Regulation.

Are e-signatures legal in the European Union? Legal

It is. The main rule in the whole European Union is the Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 23 July 2014 (eIDAS), on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93/EC.

What is timestamping? General

Timestamping is an online procedure that allows us to ensure that a dataset has existed and has not been previously altered. This protocol is detailed in the RFC 3161 and appears in the Internet Standards.

What are the benefits of using electronic signatures? General

It reduces time, costs and storage, as well as providing both safer and more efficient operations. It also ensures better control over the overall business process and it is an eco-friendly alternative.


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Our products are designed to be able to work as components that can be integrated into any type of application, providing them with signature features.

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Multi-biometrics for security in mobile devices.