Digital signature

Save time, money and paper and automate your agreement process


Easy & quick to use

Streamline online operations with full legal guarantees and avoid any unnecessary travel costs.

Safe & powerful

Upload, edit documents and request signatures to simplify remote working

What is digital signature?

A digital signature is an electronic dataset that is linked to a document to identify the signatory and to ensure its integrity.

Same legal validity as the traditional handwritten signature. Get rid of scanners and printers and streamline your agreement process

Data origin authentication

The signer can be identified


The signer cannot deny that he signed the document electronically


It is verified that the document has not been altered after signing.


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¿Cómo funciona nuestra firma digital?


I don't have management software

I don't have management software

Manage, sign and send documents for eSignature from any device. Select the type of signature you wish to use for your processes and improve user experience

  • Unlimited users
  • Customized templates
  • Audit trail: Keep track of the signing process at all times

I have management software (API)

Integra Viafirma y envía a firmar documentos desde tu herramienta o entorno.
Nuestra API te ofrece múltiples posibilidades y es fácilmente adaptable e integrable en cualquier software, aplicación o web.

Check our API


Convert tedious paper-based transactions into efficient digital processes

Viafirma allows your clients to send, sign and approve documents anywhere, from any device

Go digital

Integrate our online, centralized eSignature technology into your workflow and move to a paperless office system

  • Closing contracts on the same day
  • Saves time and unnecessary costs
  • Enhances security in all your operations

Connect Viafirma to the business tools you have

Our API together with the best software solutions

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¿Buscas una integración con la firma digital?

Tell us about your signing process and we will provide you with the solution that best suits your needs

Viafirma has helped us accelerate our agreement process.
It has helped us to handle electronic documents more efficiently and has enabled us to sign on-the-go

Ildefonso Vera Gómez

Head of innovation, business process and digital transformation
Electronic signatures have brought both significant savings and reduced operational costs of the business considerably. This means an integral optimization of UX, as well as reducing our carbon footprint eliminating all types of printing.

Operations Manager

How is the API integrated?


What do I need to try out the integration?

To try out the integration, you need access to sandbox and developer credentials.

Can I integrate Viafirma's eSignature system into our phone App?

Yes. There are many options for this kind of integration.

Once my documents are signed, where are they stored?

There are many options:

  • We can recover them via API and store them in an external software
  • Setup the automatic transfer to external repositories
  • You can choose the solution Viafirma offers to keep custody of documents

Can I customize the interface?

Viafirma solutions can be customized and tailored to the client's corporate image.