About Viafirma

Viafirma is an innovative company working in the trust service field on and specialized in developing eSignature solutions: digital identity, authentication, biometric signature, solutions on-the-go, etc.

Over 18 years of experience in the national and international market, with success cases in 14 countries and a business vision focused on adapting to customer needs. Our solutions are constantly evolving, tailoring the current market needs and trends.

Our R+D+I agile methodology plus our efficient decision making allows us to add the level of flexibility and adaptation required by our clients to satisfy their needs, despite that other competitors, seemingly bigger and with higher capacity do not have.

Our motto “the universal signature” is our obsession, and our goal is to remain as national leaders in terms of product compatibility with any operating system or device

Viafirma suite offers a variety of signature solutions to answer list of challenges that companies and public bodies face when going digital. After participating in several national tenders in past few years, competing with the largest companies of the sector, we ensure to offer the most comprehensive and advanced eSignature solution on the Spanish market.

Avansi RD, our Dominican overseas branch, started in 2007 as the First Certification Authority in the Dominican Republic, pioneering the eSignature solution in the country and contributing to both the country’s E-administration and E-goverment. Viafirma was born from the merger in January 1st, 2019 of our Spanish-based companies Servicios Avanzados para las Instituciones, founded in the year 2000, and Viafirma, founded in 2009.