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About Viafirma

Viafirma is an innovative company working in Digital Trusted Services field. It specializes in the developing solutions related to electronic signatures: digital identity, authentication, biometric signature, mobility, etc.

We have more than 18 years of experience  in the national and international market, with success cases in 14 countries and a business vision focused on meeting the most specific needs of our clients. We consider our solutions as standard but in constant evolution, adapted to the needs of the current market and aligned with market trends.

Our R+D+I agile methodology plus our efficient decision making allow us to have both high flexibility and adaptation levels to satisfy our clients needs, despite that other competitors, seemingly bigger and with higher capacity do not have.

Our motto “the universal signature” is our obsession, and our challenge is to remain a national leader in the compatibility of our products with any operating system or device.

The Viafirma suite is a set of solutions that give answer to a wide list of challenges that companies and institutions of all kinds of sectors face when going digital. After taking part in various national tenders in the last few years, competing with the main companies of the sector, we can assure by the results that we offer the most comprehensive and advanced suite of electronic signature solutions in the Spanish market.

As we started providing advanced services provider for institutions, we also have a business line oriented to Open Government, under the OGoov brand.

Avansi RD, our Dominican overseas branch, works since 2007 as the First Certification Authority in Dominican Republic, pioneering their Digital Signature services in the country and contributing to both the country’s eEadministration and E-goverment.
Viafirma  was born from the merger in January 1st, 2019 of both of our Spain-located companies of our group: Servicios Avanzados para las Instituciones, founded in 2000, and Viafirma, founded in 2009. You can read further details of the merger here.


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