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VIAFIRMA is an innovative and different company formed by a young team whose passion is developing technological applications based on Authentication and Digital Signature services.

Mobile electronic signature Get to know the advantages of signing anywhere

The purpose of this section is to answer all your questions about the performance of Viafirma Mobile and all its components involved.

You will discover how to install certificates on your mobile device, how our application works and even what types of applications may be included with mobile electronic signature.

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Suite viafirma

Solutions equipped  with our advanced electronic signature with totally legal validity, so that incorporating them into the daily life of your business, they will improve its efficiency, performance and competitiveness.

We have wide experience in domestic and international markets and a corporate vision focused on satisfying the specific needs of customers, understanding our solutions as customized product constantly evolving.

Platform - Authentication and electronic signature

Viafirma Platform Image

It is our authentication and digital signature based on the use of electronic certificates guaranteeing the maximum safety level to your operations.

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Mobile - Electronic signature for mobile phones and tablets

Imagen Viafirma Mobile

Viafirma Mobile, is composed by viafirma platform and a set of electronic signature customers for the main operating systems of mobile devices and published for free at Apple Store, Android Market ...

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Inbox - Electronic signatures agenda

Viafirma Inbox Image

Viafirma Inbox is an innovative solution that allows you to manage all kind of documents in electronic format as well as it provides electronic signature and custody services.

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Smartcard Reader - Smartcard support on iPhone and iPad

Viafirma SmartCard Reader

Our Viafirma SmartCard Reader supports electronic ID for smartphones iPhone and tablets iPad, capable of both authentication and electronic signature in these devices.

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Esign - Digitalized, advanced and recognized signature for iOS

Imágen viafirma esign

App for iOS device users (iPad and iPhone) that allows viewing, creation and digitalized, advanced and recognized signature in PDF documents.

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Manager - Statistics, analysis and configuration

Image Viafirma Manager

Optional add-on for Viafirma Platform, which allows the administration, configuration and customization of the platform visually through an intuitive and easy-used control panel.

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Virtual Office - Online transactions

Viafirma Virtual Office Image

It is the Solution for managing online transactions. This tool is intended for users, or organizations, universities, entrepreneurs and SMEs, it represents an effective and economical alternative to carry out procedures that require investment of time and money.

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Viafirma E-Invoice - Electronic invoicing

Viafirma E-Invoice Image

It is a web based solution for the electronic invoice management. Viafirma E-invoice not only
increases visibility and transactions transparency, it also improves collaboration of stronger
providers and clients following the law and Tax Agency requirements.

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New version of viafirma platform: v3.6.6

28 Apr 2014

Despite launching less than a month ago the v3.6.5, there were so many improvements that we have re-released an update of our known electronic signature platform.

New version of viafirma platform: v3.6.5

18 Mar 2014

A new version of viafirma platform, our electronic signature platform, with significant improvements in the API edition of PDF signature stamp, in control of CAdES / CMS signatures or certificates control of XADES XL-are some of the features.

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