Use digital certificates to automate your company’s signature processes


Electronic Signature

Unattended Signature

The unattended signature or server signature is an automated signature process without user intervention. This type of signature uses an electronic seal certificate hosted in a certificate repository.


You can configure one or more seal certificates and automate the signature according to the process you want to cover.


Automate your processes

You can automatically sign as many documents as you need in an unattended way. Signing of invoices, payroll, etc.

Centralize control of your company

You will have full control over where your certificates are used.


Dynamize your procedures.

You can automatically sign the same document with dynamic information read from a csv.

Unify your tools

You can connect our service with your CRM or document management system and automate the signing of specific documents.


Save time in management thanks to the automation of signature processes.

Unattended signature with Viafirma

The unattended electronic signature streamlines the signing of processes that must be signed by the company. It can be applied to processes such as the signing of invoices, payrolls, generation of titles, etc.

Identifies the signatory
It is uniquely linked to the company, allowing its identification.

Ensures document integrity
Any modification of the approved data after signature will be detectable by signatories and third parties.

Facilitates processes
The electronic signature on the server speeds up the signing of documents and allows for greater efficiency in companies

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An electronic signature API
powerful, secure and flexible

Implement the electronic signature API in the tools you use in your company.
Thanks to our powerful API, based on REST services, you will be able to integrate and start signing documents quickly and easily.

Do you need to integrate into your CRM o ERP?


Legal guarantee always up to date

100% eIDAS. Trust services
Strict compliance with the DAS regulation. Choose simple, advanced or qualified signature according to your needs, within the most demanding legal framework in the world in terms of digital identity.

100% RGPD. Data protection
Informed consents that comply with the new RGPD in all aspects. All our solutions are extremely responsible with personal data.

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Our clients

Use your digital certificate to automate your company's signature processes


+ than 20 years dedicated to electronic signatures

We are Viafirma, an innovative software development company with a suite of products focused on the realization of signatures in a digital environment. We work in the area of the so-called Trusted Digital Services and we are specialised in the development of solutions related to electronic signature.






    Frequently Asked Questions

    The electronic signature is a set of data associated with an electronic document and used to identify the signatory. It must guarantee the authenticity and identity of the signatory and be linked to the signed data in its entirety.

    Our signature tools are fully compliant with the requirements of the eIDAS regulation, considered the most demanding digital identity trust services standard in the world.

    Documents can be stored in the tool itself or stored in your document management system.

    Viafirma allows to customize the final stages of the life cycle of a signed document, through the implementation of different mechanisms to transfer and/or copy the generated and signed documents.

    We offer different options:

    • Storage in Viafirma’s servers.
    • External transfer: a system for transferring signed documents to an external system or repository can be activated.
    • Automatic deletion: can be configured at various points in the process, for example in the implementation of the external transfer, i.e. if the transfer was successful, the document is automatically deleted.

    We offer an interface 100% adapted to mobile devices, allowing the execution of tasks entirely on the mobile. In addition, we have free applications in Apple Store and Play Store.

    The most widespread method is using the digital certificate. However, there are other options that are much simpler and just as valid. You can learn more about how to sign a document digitally on our blog.

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