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Viafirma takes part in the MOMENTUM project, a commitment to online security

The project proposes an innovative system that guarantees secure browsing and user privacy in the access and use of network services. Presented jointly by Seidor, Ayco Internet and Servicios Avanzados para las Instituciones, MOMENTUM is supported by Gradiant as a research organization.

VIVANSI, a company specialized in ICT solutions, participates in the MOMENTUM project – Multibiometrics for security in mobile devices, a proposal that aims to transform the business environment and provide the appropriate mechanisms for a safer digital society.

A robust solution for security

Today, the user’s security and privacy when accessing and using private online services rests fundamentally on two pillars: the use of authentication mechanisms and the use of digital certificates. In both cases, the use of passwords as the only means of authentication carries a great risk, especially in mobile environments. Given that we are accessing more and more operations from our smartphones, the protection of this content is essential.

MOMENTUM is a project that proposes a comprehensive solution to mitigate the problems arising from the lack of security on the Internet, proposing a fusion of biometric recognition modalities in mobile devices that will start from facial, voice and handwritten signature recognition, as well as access to online digital signature and encryption services. As a result of the MOMENTuM project, a multibiometric authentication system for mobile devices has been developed. For this purpose, during the project work has been carried out on the development and optimization of biometric modalities for facial recognition, speaker recognition and handwritten signature recognition.

Then, by taking advantage of the complementarities between them and designing robust fusion schemes, a multimodal authentication mechanism has been achieved that allows greater security, greater availability and greater usability than in the case of single-mode authentication mechanisms.

Biometric verification as a guarantor

As a demonstrator and validator of the system, this authentication process has been integrated into an advanced signature system in the cloud. In this system, the user accesses the system through biometric verification from his own mobile device, thus accessing the certificates and the signature of the document in a secure way.

Thanks to the support of CDTI the project has been able to deepen in all technical, strategic and economic aspects, necessary to explore its full potential. This project has been co-financed by CDTI through the FEDER program, “Programa Operativo de Crecimiento Inteligente 2014-2020”.

The project is jointly presented by Seidor Consulting SL, Ayco Internet SL and Servicios Avanzados para las Instituciones SL, whose common objectives are the fusion of biometric modalities, their fusion in a suite optimized for mobile platforms and the adoption of interoperability standards for biometric systems. MOMENTUM is supported by Gradiant as a research organization and is funded by the State Program for Scientific and Technical Research of the Center for Industrial Technological Development, through FEDER, “Programa Operativo de Crecimiento Inteligente 2014-2020”, aimed at promoting regional cooperation in research and development.


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