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In v3.6.37, available in production from Monday, August 3rd, the user interface has been improved to manage the integration with Viafirma Fortress and its use from the new web signature and remote signature module.

Take note of what’s new.

Fortress API configuration at Group level

The visual configuration of the Fortress API in the Documents Groups configuration has been improved. This configuration can be performed by a Group Administrator (dispatcher role) and a Global Administrator. This configuration must be consistent with the Fortress service and group you want to integrate with.

In addition, a link to a new configuration guide with explanations and descriptions that will help administrators to optimize its use has been included in the group management:

Configuration of Signature Policies with Fortress from the Designer


This configuration is OPTIONAL, but at Policy level, and from the designer you can force the signature to be done by a specific Fortress user, for this you must indicate the user identifier registered in the Fortress with which you want to integrate. For example, ID number, ID card, email or the user code established in each case. If a Fortress user is set, the user will NOT be able to try to change user, as he/she could do in case of not setting user in the policy.

Configuring Signature Policies with Fortress from the API

To use digital certificate signature in Fortress there is NO special or different configuration to the one already allowed. The screen where the end user is shown the two signature options, with local certificate or with certificate in Fortress, will depend on the configuration made in the server for the group associated to the request. However, if from API we want to force the end user, in case he/she chooses to sign in Fortress, to be a specific user, we can set it with the attribute “userId“, as another property of the object “signatures” of our signature policy. { “signatures” : [ { “type” : “CLIENT”, “userId” : “11111111H”, “typeFormatSign” : “PADES_LTA” } ]}

Sign with Fortress from Documents

In Viafirma Documents web signature page, new modules have been incorporated to facilitate the user experience and to allow the user to choose the way to use his digital certificate, locally or centralized with Fortress.


Changes in the configuration of Client Systems in Viafirma Fortress

For this, in the configuration to be made in the Client System, in Fortress, it will be necessary to activate the property “Advanced Permissions“. This property is available in Fortress v4.8.0 and higher. In previous versions it is available only at database level, and you must activate it for the desired Client System.

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